Solving Springfield EMP 9mm Problems with Quick Fixes

The journey of lessons with the Springfield EMP 9mm has been filled with insights and challenges in my role as a firearm enthusiast.

I am sorry to say that this compact handgun has encountered persistent issues such as failure to extract, stovepipe incidents, and failure to feed occurrences during my extensive field testing.

However, the EMP 9mm has consistently exhibited its adaptability to varying shooting paces. It fosters a sense of reliability.

In this article, I aim to provide practical solutions for fellow EMP 9mm owners. By reading this article, shooters can elevate the reliability and performance of their Springfield EMP 9mm.

Let’s explore!

Issues and Fixes at a Glance

5 ProblemsTheir Quick Solutions
Failure To FeedTest alternative loads or discuss a potential issue with the ramp’s construction with Springfield.
Failure To ExtractReposition the bumper pad and adjust the ejector’s underbelly.
Firing Pin ProblemsReport the issue to Springfield Armory (SA).
Light Primer StrikesClean and grease the gun, practice preferred SD ammunition, and adjust the trigger’s overtravel screw.
Issue with the StovepipeRegularly clean the firearm and utilize factory ammunition.
Springfield EMP 9mm Problems
Springfield EMP 9mm Problems

Springfield EMP 9mm Problems With Proven Solutions

1. Failure to Feed:

First of all, I’ve encountered the frustrating reality of failure-to-feed issues.

It’s a real buzzkill, let me tell you. Picture this: You’re ready to unleash rounds downrange. But the magazine stubbornly refuses to sit properly. Result? The bullet gets jammed on the feed ramp.

Not exactly the smooth shooting experience you hoped for, right? But here’s the thing: Every setback offers a lesson.


Let’s delve into a solution. Make minor modifications to the feed ramp to improve the feeding of spherical bullets. Try different types and shapes of ammunition to determine which works best with your specific firearm.

Approach the problem methodically, ruling out what doesn’t work and continuously experimenting with new solutions. Carefully analyze and tweak various elements of the firearm and ammunition to find the optimal configuration.

    2. Failure to extract:

    Ahh! Failure to extract is more often found with the Springfield EMP 9mm than you’d think. But why’s that, you ask? Well, the enlarged 9-mm ejectors in this model can sometimes habitually trip.

    This causes the cartridge to collide with the ejector or magazine and leads to a loose floorboard and other problems.

    It’s an unsavory habit that many owners of the Springfield EMP 9mm have found themselves dealing with.


    So, what to do for a solution? Investigate the ejector and the underside of the slide for any potential issues. Use temporary solutions like a bumper pad to address immediate problems.

    Consider more permanent modifications to the firearm to ensure smoother ejections and improve reliability.

    Perform tweaks on the magazine, such as filing the magazine lips, to enhance its functionality. Check the frame and slide for any irregularities and make minor tweaks to optimize performance.

    Regularly maintain and inspect the firearm to ensure it continues to operate seamlessly.

    With these steps, you can ensure a smooth shooting experience.

      3. Firing Pin Problems:

      Next, firing pin issues often emerge as a perplexing challenge for enthusiasts. The precise barrel of the firing pin stroke and its primer imprint may seem meticulous. But occasional zip code errors throw a wrench into the mechanism.

      Owners may find themselves grappling with slide and ejector alignment.


      Seeking a solution? Let’s delve into some steps:

      1. Check for any misalignment or improper fit within the firing pin mechanism.
      2. If necessary, make adjustments to ensure proper alignment and fit. This might involve slight modifications to the firing pin or the surrounding components.
      3. Explore simple, low-cost solutions that might mitigate the problem without extensive modifications.
      4. Be prepared to experiment with different adjustments and test each change to find the optimal solution.
      5. Consult with other firearm enthusiasts or experts who may have faced similar issues and can offer guidance or advice.

      So, approach the problem with patience, understanding that it may take several attempts to find the right fix.

      4. Light Primer Strikes:

      Light primer strikes can disrupt the firing process due to insufficient force to ignite the propellant. This phenomenon occurs when the firing pin fails to strike the primer effectively.

      This leaves the cartridge unspent. Factors like trigger overtravel and firing pin issues contribute to this problem. This requires careful inspection and potential professional intervention for resolution.


      Let’s talk about a fix. By utilizing a hex key to adjust the trigger’s overtravel screw, even a quarter turn in the correct direction can often resolve the issue.

      This simple fix can significantly improve the firearm’s performance. It turns frustration into satisfaction during range sessions.

      I’ve learned the value of thorough maintenance and proper ammunition selection.

      Ensuring the EMP 9mm is cleaned and lubricated before each use can mitigate potential issues. Additionally, opting for high-quality SD ammo can enhance reliability.

      Remember, challenges with firearms often present opportunities for improvement.

      5. Issue with the stovepipe:

      Last but not least, one such recurring frustration for owners of the Springfield EMP 9mm is the stovepipe issue.

      Imagine the scene: amidst the rhythmic firing of rounds, the slide hesitates. Results? A spent casing becomes awkwardly installed. This halts the smooth cycling of the firearm.

      This pesky occurrence can disrupt shooting sessions multiple times, leaving enthusiasts scratching their heads for solutions.


      Fear not: here are steps to solve the problem.

      1. Ensure regular and meticulous cleaning of your firearm to prevent residue buildup that can cause stovepipes.
      2. Opt for factory-loaded ammunition rather than reloads, as they tend to be more reliable and consistent.
      3. Pay close attention to your shooting technique, particularly during rapid-fire sequences. Proper grip and stance can influence the firearm’s cycling.
      4. Be aware that colder temperatures can affect the performance of your firearm. Ensure it is properly lubricated and maintained to function smoothly in different conditions.
      5. If stovepipes persist despite these measures, consider sending the firearm back to the factory for a professional inspection and possible repairs.

      So, have a great shooting experience.

      My Final Conclusion

      Indeed, we’ve identified several issues with the Springfield EMP 9mm that might concern testers.

      Common problems include failure to extract, stovepipes, and failure to feed.

      These challenges are not unique to this firearm and can be found in many others as well. It’s crucial to remember that every firearm has its quirks.

      Experience, patience, and regular maintenance can go a long way in keeping your Springfield EMP 9mm running smoothly.

      While these issues may raise some eyebrows, dealing with them can be part of the journey of firearm ownership.

      What I can say with confidence is that the Springfield EMP 9mm is a well-built firearm.

      With the right solutions, it can perform reliably and become a trusted companion.

      My Friends Feedback:

      My friends share their experiences with this firearm.

      One common frustration is feeding issues. Whether it’s failure to feed or nose jams, many users have faced challenges during range days or while using it as their everyday carry (EDC).

      These issues can significantly impact one’s confidence in the firearm’s reliability.

      One of my friends, who purchased a new EMP a few months ago, shared his experience with feeding rounds. Despite trying different brands, he encountered problems consistently.

      Even after a couple of boxes of new ammo, the issues persisted. This led him to contact customer service and request a warranty service.

      Another friend had a similar experience with his brother’s 9mm EMP. Despite a fast turnaround time for the repair, the issues continued.

      He received the pistol back from the factory with the feed ramp and ejector pin addressed, but problems persisted. This prompted him to write a letter expressing his dissatisfaction.

      The Springfield EMP is designed to be a reliable firearm, but it’s disheartening to hear about these recurring problems.

      Issues with the feed ramp, ejector pin, or firing pin strikes are quality control matters that need prompt attention.

      These problems highlight the importance of thorough testing and consistent quality in firearm manufacturing.

      Frequently Asked Questions About the Springfield EMP 9mm:

      Where is Springfield EMP made?

      While some components of other Springfield pistols originate in Brazil and are assembled here, bearing corresponding markings, the EMP specifically bears the stamp indicating its sole manufacture in Geneseo, Illinois.

      Is 9 mm a powerful bullet?

      Indeed, the 9-mm bullet is recognized for its potency owing to its considerable velocity and ability to penetrate effectively.

      What does EMP mean in Springfield Armory?

      Revamped to accommodate the 9mm cartridge, the Springfield Armory® Enhanced Micro Pistol (EMP) seamlessly integrates the advantages of the full-size 1911 into a compact platform ideally tailored for the prevalent self-defense caliber of today.

      Which Springfield is the most popular?

      Located in Missouri, Springfield stands as the most populous city among all the Springfields worldwide.

      Why did Springfield Armory close?

      In 1968, due to budgetary constraints, the U.S. Government shut down Springfield Armory. Subsequently, the premises of Springfield Armory were repurposed to accommodate historians, venerating its historical legacy rather than fostering future endeavors.

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