Tackling 4 Swampfox Kraken Problems With Expert Tips

As a firearms and gear enthusiast, I have used the Swampfox Kraken Red Dot and faced a few issues with it.

But after doing some research, I found some solutions.

For example, I adjusted brightness settings and environmental factors to alleviate the blue tint.

I cleaned the lens to minimize the fuzzy dot issue. I ensured the sight was mounted correctly and checked the alignment frequently to hold zero.

In this article, you will find many solutions like this for each one of your Swampfox Kraken problems.

Read on!

ProblemsTheir Quick Solution
Blue Tint in the LensAdjust shooting environment, lighting conditions, and dot brightness settings.
Fuzzy DotClean the lens, adjust brightness settings, and ensure correct prescription.
Dot Not Holding Zero WellEnsure proper and secure mounting, use high-quality mount, reach out to the manufacturer for support.
Eye StrainAdjust the dot’s brightness, take regular breaks, keep the lens clean.
Swampfox Kraken Problems

Swampfox Kraken Problems With Practical Solutions

1. Blue Tint in the Lens:

With time, owners have observed a distinct blue tint in the lens of the Swampfox Kraken.

Initially a minor issue, it became more pronounced with continued use. It particularly affects visibility in bright conditions.

This blue tint isn’t just a distraction; it makes it hard to focus on targets. The common issue here is that the optics are intended to reduce glare and improve clarity, which ironically contributes to this problem.

The tint becomes especially noticeable when switching from unaided vision to looking through the red dot.

Dealing with this visibility issue requires understanding Kraken’s optical design. The blue tint and focusing difficulties are not unique challenges in the world of optics.


For a solution, the key was adjusting the shooting environment and lighting conditions. I noticed that bright, direct sunlight tends to amplify the blue tint.

So I opted for shooting in overcast conditions or at times of day when the sun isn’t at its peak. This helped reduce the effect significantly.

Also, I experimented with the brightness settings on the Kraken.

These aren’t perfect fixes. It’s worth noting that getting used to the tint over time can also play a part.

As my eyes adjusted to the color difference, I found it became less noticeable and less of an issue during use.

These adjustments significantly improved my overall experience with the Kraken. This makes it more viable for regular use.

2. Fuzzy Dot:

A significant issue with the Swampfox Kraken is the appearance of a fuzzy dot. Ideally, the red dot should be crisp, clear, and accurate. This provides a precise point of aim.

However, sometimes the dot in the Swampfox Kraken appears blurred or distorted. This causes fuzziness that can hinder precision in scenarios demanding quick and accurate target acquisition.

Initially, I thought it was a defect in my specific unit. However, after some research, I realized this could be a more widespread issue.

This problem could stem from multiple factors, including the quality of the optics and how the reticle is projected within the sight.


To address the issue, I’ve taken several steps that have proven effective:

  • The first one was cleaning the lens thoroughly to remove any smudges or dirt that could cause distortion.
  • Further, I experimented with the brightness settings of the dot,
  • This adjustment can be particularly helpful for shooters using glasses or those with specific vision issues.
  • It’s important to ensure that your prescription is up-to-date, as this can crucially impact how the dot appears.

In instances where these methods don’t bring the desired improvement, it might indicate a manufacturing inconsistency.

In such cases, contacting the manufacturer for replacement or guidance becomes the next step.

It’s vital to remember that ensuring the clarity of the red dot is key to its accurate and reliable use.

These steps, although sometimes overlooked, can make a significant difference in the overall performance and reliability of the Kraken.

3. Dot Not Holding Zero Well:

Next, one of the challenges with the Swampfox Kraken is the difficulty of holding zero. For those familiar with this sight, its ability to maintain the point of aim after being set is crucial for accuracy.

However, I experienced an issue where the sight’s preferred zero would drift after several rounds of firing.

This became particularly frustrating during a shooting session, as it demanded constant readjustment and could significantly throw off my aiming.


For a solution, I discovered that the first crucial step is ensuring the sight is mounted correctly and securely.

This involves checking if the mounting screws are tightened to the manufacturer’s specified torque.

Even a slight deviation can impact the sight’s stability. If the issue persists, rechecking the alignment and remounting the sight may be necessary.

Sometimes, the choice of a high-quality mount can make a significant difference in maintaining zero, especially under repeated recoil.

In cases where these adjustments don’t rectify the problem, it might indicate internal defects within the sight itself.

In such scenarios, reaching out to Swampfox for support or considering a warranty claim becomes vital.

A red dot sight needs to rely on its ability to hold zero for consistent performance.

These steps are essential in ensuring that the Kraken remains a dependable tool for precision shooting.

4. Eye Strain:

At last, there is a significant amount of eye strain during prolonged use. This discomfort and fatigue in the eyes were most evident when focusing on the optic of the red dot sight for extended periods.

Such strain can detract from the overall shooting experience and affect performance.

The issue of eye strain is not unique to the Kraken but can be more pronounced due to its design.

I found that adjusting my viewing habits helped relieve some of the strain.

Moreover, ensuring that my shooting environment was optimally lit, avoiding both too-bright and too-dim conditions, made a noticeable difference.

These practices can significantly reduce eye fatigue and enhance the overall effectiveness of using the Swampfox Kraken.


For a solution, I adopted a few strategies.

  • The first step was adjusting the brightness of the dot to the lowest setting that remained visible. This was crucial in significantly reducing glare and making the dotless harsh on the eyes.
  • Additionally, taking regular breaks proved to be beneficial.
  • Simply stepping away from the sight for a few minutes allowed my eyes to rest and recover from the intense focus required.

Furthermore, I made sure that the lens was always clean and free of smudges. This can reduce the need for strain when trying to focus through any obstructions.

Maintaining a clear lens not only improved my comfort but also played a significant role in maintaining the accuracy and effectiveness of my shooting.

These small adjustments can have a considerable impact on reducing eye strain.

Alternatives to Swampfox Kraken

1. Aimpoint Acro:

When exploring alternatives to the Swampfox Kraken, the Aimpoint Acro stands out for its rugged construction and reliable performance.

It’s highly appreciated for its innovative closed-emitter design. This effectively protects the sight against various environmental elements.

It enhances its durability and longevity. This feature ensures that users have a dependable optic solution in diverse and challenging settings.

2. Holosun 509T:

In the search for alternatives to the Swampfox Kraken, the Holosun 509T emerges as a top contender. It is renowned for its versatile reticular options. It offers adaptability in various shooting scenarios.

A notable feature is its solar power backup, which enhances its durability and reliability.

With a user-friendly interface, it has become a favorite among shooting enthusiasts.

3. Holosun SCS:

For those seeking an innovative alternative to the Swampfox Kraken, the Holosun SCS (Solar Charging Sight) is a standout choice.

This red dot sight integrates solar charging with intelligent power management. This makes it an eco-friendly and low-maintenance option.

The blend of advanced technology and environmental considerations in the Holosun SCS offers a unique advantage. This is especially true for users who prioritize sustainability alongside functionality in their shooting equipment.

My Final Conclusion:

Okay, I’ve concluded that they are not necessarily deal-breakers. The key to making the most of this opportunity lies in being willing to make adjustments and apply fixes as needed.

Through this process, I have improved my overall experience with the Kraken.

In conclusion, the Swampfox Kraken stands out as a reliable option for those who are ready to engage with its unique features and find ways to enhance its functionality.

Its potential as a robust and effective tool in various shooting scenarios becomes apparent with the right adjustments. This makes it a worthy consideration for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Swampfox Kraken Problems

My Friends Feedback:

The Swampfox Kraken is a new duty optic that has received mixed feedback. Some friends were initially excited by its claims of being durable, while others had concerns about its weight and specifications.

The Kraken’s internals, including the Huanic Corporation’s involvement, have also sparked discussions. Friends have compared the Kraken to established models like the Holosun 509T and 508. This is particularly true of its ability to withstand rigorous conditions.

Further, the Kraken’s physical size and resemblance to the Acro have been points of interest for friends with experience in various optics.

Common Questions Asked About Swampfox Kraken Problems

Is the Swampfox Kraken any good?

Whether for personal protection or hard use situations, Kraken is an all-around great choice.

Are Swampfox red dots good?

While this sight has some notable strengths, such as its sturdy construction and clear reticle, it falls short in terms of eye relief, which may impact the overall shooting experience. One of the positive aspects of the Liberty & Justice Micro Reflex Red Dot Sight is its solid build quality.

What is the battery life of the Swampfox Kraken?

The Swampfox Kraken boasts a 2-year real-world battery life, thanks to its innovative Shake N Wake technology.

Is the Swampfox Kraken waterproof?

Yes, the Swampfox Kraken is waterproof, featuring a durable double barrel waterproof 7075 aluminum housing.

What footprint is Swampfox Kraken?

The Swampfox uses an RMR footprint adapter, compatible with mounting plates like the RMR mounting plate from FN.

Is Swampfox a good red dot?

The Swampfox Liberty & Justice Micro Reflex Red Dot Sight is a commendable option, offering clarity, customizable brightness, and a robust build for those seeking an RMR pistol cut sight.

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