6 Common Taurus 608 Problems with Pro Fixes

My research on the Taurus 608 reveals both its appealing aspects and problems. The firearm shows promise in terms of accuracy.

But, many users face Taurus 608 problems. These issues range from accuracy problems to slide issues. Despite these issues, addressing them head-on can enhance the overall experience with this revolver.

In this article, we will discuss all these problems along with their easy and comfortable solutions.

Let’s explore!

6 ProblemsTheir Quick Fixes
Accuracy ProblemsDeeply adjust both the front and rear sights.
Failure to EjectThorough cleaning and examination.
Cylinder Locking IssuePrecisely adjust the interior of the locking lug.
Issues with the gripInstall aftermarket grips.
Problems with the AmmoAlign bullets and powder.
Slide Problems Use a back-to-basics approach.
Taurus 608 Problems

Taurus 608 Problems and Their Practical Solutions

1. Accuracy Problems:

First, one of the prominent issues to surface was its accuracy. Despite careful aiming and thorough examination, the bullets consistently missed the target.

It became evident that the problem lay in adjusting the sights, as they tended to drift over time.

This aspect was particularly disappointing. Moreover, the recurring nature of this problem posed a significant concern. Trust me, it necessitates immediate attention to ensure optimal performance.

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There’s a solution. Deeply adjusting both the front and rear sights and aligning them with the direction of the bullet drifts. By doing so, remarkable improvements in accuracy can be achieved.

It’s essential to prioritize regular maintenance and utilize high-quality ammunition to optimize the gun’s accuracy. Seeking guidance from a qualified firearm technician can also offer valuable insights into properly adjusting the sights for enhanced performance.

These adjustments yield significant improvements in the Taurus 608’s accuracy.

2. Failure to Eject:

Next, a significant issue surfaced: the failure to eject rounds from the chamber. It is a glaring concern for any firearm enthusiast.

This problem posed not only an inconvenience but also raised alarming safety issues during operation. With extensive investigation, the owners uncovered the root cause behind this glitch. What? It is often tied to improper ammunition or a faulty chamber mechanism.

Rectifying this challenge demanded careful attention to detail and adherence to manufacturer specifications. This ensures the proper function of the firearm.


Fret not; a systematic resolution process can effectively tackle this concern. By examining the cylinder for wear and damage and replacing worn-out components, you lay the groundwork for a smoother operation.

Also, a thorough cleaning regimen using the appropriate supplies is imperative. Lubricating the firearm with recommended products ensures optimal functionality.

Once the reassembly is complete, test-firing in a controlled setting validates the efficacy of your actions.

3. Cylinder Locking Issue:

The next concern is about the cylinder lock. It disrupts the smooth operation of the firearm. The timing of the cylinder lock proved to be off. It causes frequent jams during operation.

While manually attempting to turn or press to free the hammer was a temporary solution, the problem persisted. This glitch not only impeded the shooting experience but also raised safety concerns.

It urges a comprehensive solution to ensure seamless functionality and reliability.


A detailed solution was required to rectify this issue. By precisely adjusting the interior of the locking lug where it attaches to the pin, the problem was effectively mitigated.

Implementing this fix ensured that the cylinder functioned as intended. It significantly enhances the firearm’s overall reliability in the hands of users.

4. Issues with the grip:

Next, a common issue that arises is the discomfort experienced with the firearm’s grip. The handle can feel large and bulky. This makes it challenging to maintain a firm hold, especially during extended use.

This aspect can greatly impact the accuracy of experienced shooters.

Trust me, a quick and practical solution is important.


Exploring solutions, owners installed aftermarket grips to enhance functionality. These grips offered a more comfortable fit. They reduce recoil and improve traction during use.

Experimenting with trigger kits allowed me to tailor the gun’s trigger pull for smoother operation. Also, they applied rubberized coatings to certain parts of the pistol for improved precision.

Despite these adjustments, the controlled shooting experience and accuracy were greatly improved.

5. Problems with the Ammo:

Next, one nagging issue that repeatedly surfaced was related to ammunition. While shooting 38 caliber rounds, owners encountered misfires and jams. This resulted in a frustrating experience.

A thorough inspection revealed that the bullet and powder were often misaligned within each round. This leads to residue buildup within the cylinder and adversely affects both accuracy and performance.

Addressing this issue was critical to ensuring the firearm’s reliability and smooth operation.


To address this, a precise process of aligning bullets and powder was crucial before loading. Regular cleaning with specific solvents helps remove residue.

Experimentation with different brands of ammunition was also pivotal in ensuring reliable cycling.

By adhering to these simple yet effective steps, the issues were resolved. The shooting with the Taurus 608 became smooth and reliable, even when chambered for 38 ammo.

6. Slide Problems:

Encountering a noticeable problem with the slide’s operation is one of the key issues with the Taurus 608. It became evident that the slide often locks up and fails to cycle correctly.

Upon examination, it was found that the accumulation of dirt, grime, and carbon buildup within the frame contributes to this problem. Along with worn-out parts and possibly broken springs in the recoil assembly.

Such reliability issues significantly impact the smooth functionality of the firearm.


For a solution, use a back-to-basics approach. A thorough cleaning was the initial step, with all components removed to rid them of any unwanted build-up.

Close attention was paid to lubrication by utilizing a high-quality lubricant tailored for firearms.

Following the manufacturer’s instructions, reassembly was performed with precision. This ultimately restored the pistol’s smooth slide operation.

While the process wasn’t overly complex, it demanded careful attention to detail.


Let’s conclude. The Taurus 608 stands out with its cool 8-shot cylinder and tough look. But, there were some problems.

It wasn’t always accurate, the grip wasn’t comfy, and there were worrying things like it not ejecting properly or the cylinder locking up.

Thankfully, each problem had a fix. By taking good care of it and following the instructions closely, you can manage to solve these issues.

The Taurus 608 is still a good choice for those who are willing to put in the effort to make it perform better.

My Friends Feedback:

The Taurus 608 often invites comparisons with the S&W 627. However, despite its attractive price at the local gun shop, users report several issues.

A common problem involves the cylinder failing to lock properly, which significantly affects reliability. Unlike the pre-lock 686+ with its 7 rounds, the Taurus 608 seems to struggle with modern quality control (QC).

Reviews frequently mention locking issues and scratchy triggers. The hammerlock, part of the Security System, can render the firearm inoperable.

Furthermore, the ported barrels meant to reduce recoil can sometimes lead to excessive lead and powder residue around the cylinder gap.

This model, although appealing for its large frame and snub nose design, falls short in long-term stamina and trust.

The Taurus experience often leaves much to be desired, particularly in terms of customer service (CS) and overall QC.

Common Questions Asked About Taurus 608 Problems:

Can Taurus 608 shoot 38 specials?

The Taurus 608 features an impressive 8-shot cylinder, accommodating up to eight rounds of .357 Magnum or .38 Special +P ammunition. Hammer forged for exceptional durability and precise accuracy, this reliable revolver boasts a hand-fitted action and a clean, crisp trigger straight from the factory.

When did the Taurus 608 come out?

The Taurus 608 was introduced in 1997 as a response to Smith & Wesson’s .357 Model 686 Plus, which featured a seven-round capacity.

How reliable are Taurus?

The Taurus stands out as one of the more reliable vehicles on the road, thanks to its lower severity and frequency of repairs compared to other vehicles.

What is the quality of a Taurus?

Tauruses are graceful and diligent workers. Though they can be stubborn, bull-headed, and set in their ways, they are also great listeners and very dependable. Tauruses have remarkable endurance and can keep going indefinitely.

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