4 Essential Taurus 856 Ultra Lite Problems And Easy Fixes

Regarding firearms, there’s no substitute for hands-on experience with the Taurus 856 Ultra Lite.

This firsthand knowledge offers many insights into its capabilities and limitations, empowering potential buyers and current owners with valuable information that can enhance their experience with the Taurus 856 Ultra Lite.

Our rigorous and comprehensive testing and evaluation process ensures a nuanced understanding of the performance of this compact weapon, instilling confidence in the reliability of our insights.

However, amidst its sleek design and promising features, problems may arise, casting a shadow on its overall performance.

One familiar issue owners report is the cylinder occasionally jamming or spinning improperly, hindering the revolver’s smooth operation.

Additionally, trigger difficulties have been noted, impacting the shooter’s ability to maintain precise stopping power.

Such encounters underscore the importance of delving into the practical aspects of troubleshooting these issues.

In this article, we don’t just discuss Taurus 856 Ultra Lite problems; we provide practical solutions.

Problems & Solutions at a Glance

4 ProblemsWith Their Quick Solution
Cylinder Spinning IssueInspect and adjust with eyeglass screwdriver carefully or seek Taurus help.
Jamming IssueInspect ammunition, clean regularly.
Problems with the TriggerClean excess oil, consult professionals.
Problems with the Cylinder LockingEnsure cleaning and lubrication, or opt for warranty coverage.
Taurus 856 Ultra Lite Problems
Taurus 856 Ultra Lite Problems

Taurus 856 Ultra Lite Problems With Their Practical Solution:

1. Cylinder Spinning Issue:

In testing, I encountered a peculiar problem that warrants attention: the cylinder spinning issue. This phenomenon occurs primarily during dry firing when the gun is in both double-action and single-action modes.

In its new firearm frame position, the cylinder tends to spin freely without coming to a stop. Many users have complained about this issue, which is frustrating and challenging.

Replacement Taurus parts are available, but they are more expensive, and the waiting period for repairs can be longer than desirable.


Practical DIY fixes can be implemented to address the problem swiftly and effectively.

  • To begin, gather the necessary tools, including a small flathead screwdriver, a punch tool, and an eyeglass screwdriver. Carefully disassemble the revolver, paying close attention to the frame tube and plunger mechanism. Inspect the spring associated with the cylinder stop, noting any signs of wear or damage.
  • Once identified, press the cylinder stop to ensure proper engagement with the cylinder.
  • Exercise caution when reassembling the gun, ensuring all components are aligned correctly. If uncertain, seek assistance from Taurus customer care for guidance.

This simple solution can effectively mitigate the cylinder spinning issue, restoring confidence in the Taurus 856 Ultra Lite’s performance.

By following these steps, you can take control of the situation and ensure your revolver operates as it should.

2. Jamming Issue:

The jamming issue is not to be taken lightly. It can occur unexpectedly, compromising the reliability of the revolver precisely when it’s needed most.

In self-defense situations, where split-second decisions are critical, a persistent problem like the jamming issue can be more than just a nuisance.

It can be life-threatening. This underscores the importance of addressing this issue promptly and effectively.


Addressing jamming issues demands a methodical approach and attention to detail.

  • Patience and attention to detail are key when tackling the jamming issue.
  • Begin by ensuring the correct type of ammunition is being used. Quality issues with ammunition can significantly impact the firearm’s performance.
  • Regular cleaning and inspecting for dirt and debris buildup that may hinder the firearm’s function is paramount.

Addressing these concerns with regular maintenance and inspection can mitigate the risk of jamming and ensure the machine performs reliably when it matters most.

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3. Problems with the Trigger:

In testing, trigger problems emerge as a standard issue impacting the shooting experience.

The double-action trigger pull weight is noticeably heavy, leading to an uncomfortable shooting experience for many users.

Additionally, inconsistencies in the hammer’s operation affect the smoothness of firing, even with a brand-new firearm.


Solving trigger problems often requires a combination of professional repairs and simpler solutions that can be done at home.

  • When facing genuine trigger problems, ensure the cylinder isn’t overly oiled. Thorough cleaning can resolve this, and this step often improves the trigger’s performance significantly.
  • Persistent issues may require professional repairs due to faulty internal components. Utilizing the warranty and consulting with a gunsmith is advisable for effective resolution.

Starting with more straightforward solutions before opting for manufacturer repair can save time and hassle. Always remember to explore all available options to ensure the reliability of your firearm.

4. Problems with the Cylinder Locking:

I noticed a contrasting issue with the cylinder locking mechanism during a hands-on assessment.

While it initially seemed to function correctly, there were instances where the cylinder would suddenly start spinning freely or become locked up, posing a perplexing challenge.

This inconsistency significantly hindered the firearm’s functionality, requiring careful and proper handling to navigate.


Addressing problems with the cylinder locking mechanism demands an immediate approach with proper lubrication and cleaning.

A good, clean, thorough lubrication often swiftly solves the problem, preventing it from escalating into a significant issue.

If the issue persists, utilizing the firearm’s warranty with Taurus may be the safest and most effective solution. Professional intervention ensures the thorough resolution of any underlying problems.

My Final Conclusion:

After extensive field testing and encountering some notable problems with the Taurus 856 Ultra Lite, it’s evident that while this firearm boasts unique features and is budget-friendly, there are areas where improvements could be made.

During testing, issues such as cylinder spinning, jamming, and trigger concerns arose, posing insurmountable challenges to the shooting experience.

Through patience and careful observation, some solutions were discovered. However, for more complex issues, professional intervention may be necessary.

The Taurus 856 Ultra Lite can still be a valuable choice for the value-minded consumer, provided it is handled with care and maintained properly.

Despite its shortcomings, its impressive build and budget-friendly nature make it an appealing option.

My Friends Feedback:

Gathering feedback from friends who own the Taurus 856 Ultra Lite provides valuable insights into their experiences with this concealed hammer revolver.

One friend, a newbie in the world of firearms, had been contemplating the purchase of the Ultralite after being impressed by other Taurus models like the G3 and TX 22. Despite some reliable reviews, concerns about cylinder rotation and lock-up were raised.

Another friend shared their recent experience of buying the 856UL and taking it to the range.

Despite watching YouTube videos for guidance, they encountered some challenges with the trigger and recoil, particularly with certain ammo types. However, they found it to be shootable and enjoyed the overall experience.

One friend delved into the 856’s functionality and accuracy, comparing it to other models, such as the S&W Model 19.

They mentioned replacing the mainspring and aftermarket triggers for a smoother shooting experience. Despite some tradeoffs, they found it to be worth the investment.

Across these discussions, it’s clear that while the Taurus 856 Ultra Lite may have its flaws, it offers value for money and reliability for those seeking a simple, concealable option for everyday carry.

Taurus 856 Ultra Lite Problems
Taurus 856 Ultra Lite Problems

Common Questions Asked About Taurus 856 Ultra Lite Problems:

Is Taurus 856 reliable?

While not my first pick for daily carry, the Taurus 856 offers impressive reliability, ergonomic comfort, and stands out as a more enjoyable shooting experience compared to other small revolvers.

Can you dry fire Taurus 856?

Yes, with the exception of .22 caliber pistols. .22 caliber revolvers like models 94 and 941 should also not be dry fired.

What is the difference between Taurus 85 and 856?

The Model 85 series has been expanded to introduce the Model 856, which shares similarities with the Model 85 but boasts an increased capacity of 6 rounds, achieved by adding an extra round to its cylinder.

Is the Taurus 856 Ultra-Lite +P rated?

The 856 is designed to handle +P ammunition, making it the ideal choice for defensive purposes should the situation demand.

Does the Taurus 856 Ultra-Lite have a safety?

A notable enhancement in the Taurus 856 involves integrating a transfer bar safety mechanism. This addition significantly boosts the revolver’s safety for both carrying and usage. With this feature, the hammer can only hit the firing pin when the trigger is fully depressed, significantly reducing the chances of unintended firing.

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