6 Taurus 905 Problems And Easy Fixes For Shooters

When discussing the Taurus 905, it’s essential to consider various issues that users frequently encounter. Recoil, grip, jamming, and related to the use of stellar clips are among the difficulties often faced.

These complications, ranging from hammer malfunctions to light primer strikes, demand a clear, concise understanding for effective resolution.

Practical knowledge plays a pivotal role in navigating these challenges effectively.

In this article, I will provide an easy-to-understand guide to the Taurus 905 problems and suggest practical solutions.

By doing so, you will learn more about this gun, which will help you use it more safely and have more fun with it.

Problems & Solutions at a Glance

6 ProblemsQuick Solutions
Recoil IssuesAdjust grip and add weights for better control.
Grip IssuesReplace the uncomfortable grip for better fit and comfort.
Jamming ProblemsClean thoroughly and seek manufacturer support if needed.
Hammer ProblemsClean hammer channel and inspect for worn parts.
Problems with Stellar ClipsEnsure proper sizing for reliable Stellar Clips performance.
Light Primer StrikesInstalled 12lb spring, required professional repair.
Taurus 905 Problems
Taurus 905 Problems

Taurus 905 Problems With Their Quick Solutions

1. Recoil Issues:

One aspect that prominently stood out was its heavy recoil.

This characteristic often catches the attention of shooters, particularly beginners, making it an inconvenient challenge to overcome.

The intensity of the recoil can significantly affect overall comfort and control while shooting, especially for beginners.

However, one can learn to mitigate its effects and improve shooting proficiency with time and practice.


To tackle recoil issues requires precise solutions. Through experimentation, I’ve identified practical modifications such as adding weights to the revolver or making grip adjustments.

These adjustments focus on distributing the recoil more evenly and ensuring a firmer, more comfortable grip.

By implementing these precise modifications, discomfort is lessened, and control and accuracy are significantly improved, making shooting sessions with the Taurus 905 more enjoyable and effective.

2. Grip Issue:

Now, move on to the next issue that often gets overlooked: the grip.

The stiff rubber grip provided by the company can be bothersome to some shooters, lacking the supple feel desired for prolonged shooting sessions.

The rigid grip material can cause discomfort and rebound issues, affecting the shooter’s control and accuracy.

While some may feel that the grip offers adequate relief, there’s room for improvement.


The solution to the grip issue requires a hands-on approach and a priority on comfort.

  • Removing the uncomfortable grip should be a top priority. Installing a new grip may seem difficult initially, but the simple process can result in a better fit and improved comfort.
  • Swapping out materials like rubber for alternatives like aluminum or wooden grips can enhance the overall shooting experience.
  • Installing a new grip may seem difficult initially, but the simple process can result in a better fit and improved comfort.

From personal experience, I’ve found that this simple fix can significantly improve the accuracy and enjoyment of the Taurus 905.

3. Jamming Problems:

This problem has become a significant concern among users, disrupting the shooting experience and demanding immediate attention.

The trigger occasionally fails to release correctly, requiring a hard pull the second time.

This occurrence happens at least once during an entire shooting session, proving frustrating and disruptive.


To resolve the jamming issue, a comprehensive cleaning approach is essential.

  • Paying close attention to the gun’s interior, notably the barrel, and removing any excess oil or lubricant can prevent jams.
  • But if the issue persists, contacting the company for repairs may be necessary. Seeking manufacturer support is crucial if more than maintenance efforts are needed.

By taking a methodical approach and seeking assistance when necessary, I enjoyed a smoother shooting experience with the Taurus 905.

However, it’s important to note that while my experience with the Taurus 905 was positive, some users have reported issues with the Taurus 856 Ultra Lite. Understanding potential problems can help in making an informed decision when selecting a firearm.

4. Hammer Problems:

Another problem that has often been faced is related to the hammer. While testing the firearm, I noticed the hammer sticking, which posed a minor issue in its functioning.

While initially appearing as a minor issue, it can significantly hinder the proper operation of the revolver.

Upon closer inspection, I dived deeper into the root cause of the problem. Understanding the mechanism behind the sticking hammer is crucial to addressing this issue effectively.


To resolve hammer problems, thorough exploration is crucial to discover any buildup of debris in the hammer channel.

  • Ensuring the firearm is unloaded, removing the grips, and gently cleaning with a soft-bristled brush and solvent often does the trick.
  • Additionally, examining critical components like the sear and trigger for wear or damage is essential. If necessary, be prepared to replace parts to maintain functionality.

Regular cleaning and inspection can prevent such issues from arising and ensure the revolver operates smoothly.

5. Problems with Stellar Clips:

Initially seeming minor, problems with stellar clips are a potential danger if ignored.

These standard accessories, often bought online as backup for concealed carry, can be unreliable due to their thin construction.

Loose clips may lead to mishaps and must be addressed. It’s crucial to explore secure alternatives to ensure reliable ammunition carriage and prevent accidents.


To tackle the problem of Stellar Clips, I started by carefully examining these accessories to ensure their strength and reliability.

Customizing them to be the right size for the revolver can eliminate issues, enhancing safety and usability.

These simple adjustments can make a difference, proving that sometimes the most straightforward solutions are the most effective.

6. Light Primer Strikes:

Light primer strikes occur when the primer of a cartridge is not struck with sufficient force to ignite the powder charge.

This can lead to a failure to fire, a significant concern in self-defense situations. Understanding the root cause is essential to directly addressing how it affects the firearm’s functionality.


I experimented with various solutions to overcome the obstacle of light primer strikes.

One effective method I found was using a 12lb Smith & Wesson Model 36 main spring. Resetting the spring was surprisingly simple and easy to find online.

The issue was completely resolved by installing a slightly heavier spring. Subsequent testing confirmed that the firearm’s reliability was restored.

Despite initial success, the problem persisted, leading me to return the firearm for repairs.

This experience reinforced the importance of understanding the mechanics of the firearm and seeking professional assistance when necessary.

My Final Conclusion:

After rigorous field testing, the Taurus 905 emerges as an attractive option for firearm enthusiasts despite the challenges encountered. Across a spectrum of issues, such as grip problems and light primer strikes, there’s been a remarkable practical solution.

From simple adjustments to complex replacement parts, there are ways to overcome its weaknesses, making it a viable choice for those seeking reliability and performance.

Having navigated the trials and tribulations of using the Taurus 905, I’ve gained valuable insights into its functionality and capabilities.

Despite its initial setbacks, the journey has been rewarding, highlighting the importance of adaptability and problem-solving in firearms.

My Friends Feedback:

The Taurus 905 has sparked considerable interest among my friends. Its compatibility with moon clips and ability to fire 9mm rounds have drawn attention. However, concerns about its reliability and performance linger.

Some have reported cylinder bind and dragging issues, indicating potential manufacturing flaws. Despite its compact size and promise of versatility, the 905 falls short in delivering a consistently reliable shooting experience.

Discussions often involve comparisons with other firearms, such as the Ruger LCP II and Smith and Wesson 642. While the 905 offers concealment advantages, its reliability is questioned when compared to alternatives.

Feedback on its kick and recoil is mixed, with some finding it punishing, particularly with high-pressure rounds. The Smith and Wesson 642 is a more reliable option in a similar category, indicating the need to improve the 905’s design and manufacturing.

One aspect that garners appreciation is the compatibility of Taurus 905’s moon clip. It offers a unique advantage in reloading, albeit with occasional issues such as seizing and binding. However, concerns about the flimsiness of the moon clips and their ability to secure rounds persist.

The 905’s performance with various calibers, including 38 special and 9mm, raises questions about its versatility and reliability in defense situations.

In conclusion, while the Taurus 905 presents itself as a compact, moon-clip-compatible revolver with potential for defense and range use, it fails to deliver needs to deliver consistent reliability and performance.

Feedback from my friends suggests that while it may have merits, significant concerns regarding its functionality and build quality need to be addressed for it to be considered a top-tier option in its category.

However, recent discussions about the Taurus 942 Problems have brought to light various issues that potential buyers should be aware of before making a purchase decision.

Taurus 905 Problems
Taurus 905 Problems

Common Questions Asked About Taurus 905 Problems:

Does the Taurus 905 require moon clips?

Yes, however, it comes with 4-5 moon clips included.

How much does a Taurus 905 weigh?

These guns are standard lightweight small-frame revolvers. The 2-inch models weigh 21 ounces, while the 3-inch model is just under 24 ounces. The 3-inch Taurus 905 we reviewed has a bit more heft, but it remains fairly light. The additional weight helps manage the recoil of the 9mm rounds, which can be quite powerful in a revolver.

What frame is the Taurus 905?

The 905 is a steel-frame revolver featuring fixed sights and a 2-inch barrel. It competes with other compact concealed carry guns, such as the J-frame revolvers from Smith & Wesson.

What is the purpose of moon clips?

A moon clip is a metal device, either ring-shaped or star-shaped, that holds multiple cartridges together, allowing them to be inserted and extracted from a revolver cylinder simultaneously.

How much is a Taurus 905 9mm revolver?

This 2.5” barrel 9mm revolver, built on the robust L-frame, holds 7 rounds and features a full grip with excellent sights. While its MSRP is $1149, you can find it for less on Guns.com through our affiliate link.

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