6 Taurus 942 Problems Exposed: Proven Fixes Await!

In my field testing of the Taurus 942, I identified several issues affecting its reliability.

One significant problem was the trigger functionality, which often felt stiff and inconsistent, impacting the firing experience. Some other issues involved screws, grip concerns, reliability, and firing issues.

Addressing these issues ensures your Taurus 942 remains dependable for recreational shooting and personal defence.

This article aims to explain Taurus 942 problems and offer practical solutions to enhance your firearm’s performance.

6 ProblemsWith Their Quick Solution
Issues with the BulletsDiligent cleaning prevents bullet tumbling in firearms.
Trigger ProblemsInstall shims and low-power springs for smoother trigger.
Problems with the ScrewsRegularly check, tighten, and use Loctite on screws.
Issue with the GripUpgrade to an Over Molded Rubber MonoGrip for better control.
Reliability IssuesSwitch to reliable ammunition like SK LR Match 22.
Firing ProblemsReplace the hammer, springs, or firing pin to resolve firing problems.
Taurus 942 Problems
Taurus 942 Problems

Taurus 942 Problems With Their Practical Solution:

1. Issues with the Bullets:

The choice of bullets can significantly impact performance when firing. After firing 500 to 600 rounds, it became evident that certain types of bullets are prone to tumble, affecting accuracy and the overall shooting experience.

This problem is common to everyone; it can occur regardless of skill level. The issue lies in the bullet tumbling phenomenon, where the projectile loses stability mid-flight.

This can occur for various reasons, including a dirty gun or specific ammunition types. It’s a serious concern that can throw off aiming and result in big-time accuracy problems.


It can be frustrating to effectively deal with bullet tumbling. Cleaning is the key to resolving this issue. Using a gun cleaner, protectant, and lubricant ensures that the firearm functions smoothly.

A brush, cotton cloths and a bore snake are handy tools for this task. The trick is to be diligent with cleaning.

Incorporating bullet tumbling into your routine can eliminate this problem. Although this fix may seem simple, it effectively addresses the issue.

2. Trigger Problems:

Now, move on to the next issue. One of the most common complaints is that the trigger feels significantly heavier compared to other revolvers.

For individuals with smaller hands or arthritis, the trigger pull can be a significant struggle. It’s essential for every shooter to feel comfortable and confident with their firearm, and a heavy trigger can detract from that experience.

From my personal experience, a heavy trigger can be a big issue. It felt wrong and made it difficult to maintain accuracy.


To address trigger problems:

  • One handy solution is installing shims to lighten the trigger pull. By carefully measuring the shim space between the hammer’s sides and the frame, you can reduce friction and make the trigger more manageable.
  • Another approach is swapping out the trigger return springs with low-power alternatives. This method allows for tweaking the trigger feeling to better suit your preferences.

Both of these solutions partially fix the trigger problems. Now, you can enjoy a smoother and more manageable trigger, enhancing your overall shooting experience.

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3. Problems with the Screws:

A little problem, issues with screws can quickly escalate into a big one if left unaddressed. These screws, located above and next to the trigger and cylinder, play a crucial role in the revolver’s functionality.

From my firsthand experience, I’ve noticed a habit of these screws becoming loose over time, particularly after extensive testing or firing sessions.

In some cases, a screw may even unscrew completely, posing a dangerous situation during use. Paying attention to this seemingly minor detail is essential as it can have significant consequences.


Prevention is vital to solving the problems with the screws. Making it a habit to visually and physically check the screws regularly can help prevent them from becoming loose.

If any screws are found to be loose, they should be promptly tightened to ensure the revolver’s safety. In addition to regular checks, applying Loctite Thread Locker to the screws can provide an extra layer of security. This prevents them from coming loose over time, even during extended-range sessions.

This easy routine is highly recommended to all owners for peace of mind. If a screw goes missing, a quick call to the company can get it sorted.

4. Issue with the Grip:

Talking about another issue that may seem like a little issue but can actually be a big deal is the grip.

How you hold the revolver can significantly affect your shooting experience, especially if you have larger hands. The grip may feel too small for those with larger hands, leaving your pinky hanging off the edge.

This sound may seem minor, but it can impact how securely you feel when holding the revolver. Also, dealing with recoil can be challenging when your grip isn’t secure.


Fortunately, I found a simple fix for the grip issue. Upgrading to an Over Molded Rubber MonoGrip made a significant difference. This grip provides a more secure hold, ensuring that your pinky has a place to rest while holding the revolver.

This upgrade makes shooting the Taurus 942 more accessible and more comfortable. It’s a straightforward solution to what was once a minor annoyance.

The grip is a non-issue, allowing for better control and accuracy. I’ve tried this solution and can attest that it works wonders.

5. Reliability Issues:

During my testing, I discovered an issue with reliability due to light primer strike problems with specific cartridges. While some brands, like Remington Viper and Aguila, needed to be more consistent, others performed reliably.

This inconsistency can be frustrating and highlights the importance of finding compatible ammunition for optimal performance with the revolver.


There’s no need to worry about solving reliability issues. Through trial and error, I’ve discovered a fix that can make a world of difference in performance.

Avoiding unreliable cartridges and opting for reliable options like SK LR Match 22 and CCI Stinger 22 LR can prevent issues such as sticking and misfires.

Making this simple switch in ammunition can significantly impact the reliability of your revolver. I recommend trying it to see the difference firsthand.

Trust me, it works.

6. Firing Problems:

In testing the Taurus 942, I encountered an issue with its double-action action type that caused trouble when firing rounds.

Defective springs, hammers, or firing pins were often the culprits behind this, which led to difficulties pulling the trigger. Even when done slowly in DA mode, the result was often a no-fire problem.

This inconsistency can frustrate shooters, especially in critical situations where reliability is paramount.


The answer to this troublesome issue is surprisingly straightforward. You can often resolve it by replacing the hammer, springs, or firing pin.

Through my own experiences, I’ve learned that handling these replacements can improve the revolver’s performance.

Pulling the trigger quickly and smoothly is crucial when shooting in double action. However, some users have reported Taurus 605 Problems that can affect performance. Just a tiny change in your approach, such as these replacements, can make a significant difference.

My Final Conclusion:

After a detailed examination of the Taurus 942, it’s evident that this model presents a blend of challenges and merits.

While it brings excitement to the table, it also introduces frustration with its distinct issues, such as problems with bullets, trigger functionality, screws, grip concerns, and firing issues.

However, with the right approach, practical and effective solutions are available to address these concerns.

Understanding this firearm’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as paying attention to detail in its maintenance, is crucial. The Taurus 942 can transform into a reliable and functional firearm with proper care and addressing its issues.

So, while it may have its challenges, the Taurus 942 has the potential to shine with the right approach and understanding.

My Friends Feedback:

When my friend bought the Taurus 942 in matte black, he was thrilled. The revolver looked pristine, freshly oiled and ready for action. However, his excitement turned into disappointment during the first shooting session.

He encountered issues with the cylinder and double-action (DA) firing despite using high-quality Mini Mags and gr RN rounds. Some shells failed to ignite despite repeated strikes. He was hoping for a trustworthy gun but faced an ammo problem.

To troubleshoot, he decided to inspect the internals. A thorough cleaning using an aerosol cleaner for the firing pin channel made the revolver more comfortable. Removing the side plate, however, posed a risk of voiding the warranty, so he proceeded with caution.

At the range for the first time, he encountered ejection issues. Some shots resulted in sticky ejection, requiring a firm rap on the ejector rod to dislodge empties. After trying different ammo like CCI Mini-Mag and Aguila Super Extra, he realized the problem persisted.

Taking matters into his own hands, he cleaned the chamber walls meticulously using a brass brush and nylon .22 brush. A patch with Flitz polishing compound attached to a cordless drill did wonders in removing machining marks visible to the naked eye.

However, despite his efforts, he couldn’t help but research potential Ruger SR-762 Problems to ensure he wasn’t overlooking any common issues with his firearm.

This trick was temporary, but he suspected further polishing could enhance extraction.

He sought advice from local dealers familiar with the Taurus line. Full disclosure about his temptation to switch to .410 revolvers for hunting potential opened up discussions about long enough barrels and the experiences of other gun enthusiasts.

He even considered posting about his experience online but realized the issue was non-Taurus related.

Upon closer inspection, he noticed that .22mag brass was thicker than .22LR brass, possibly leading to hammer strike issues. His research revealed that dual-firing pins might be a solution, but it required a balancing act with a stronger spring to maintain the trigger pull.

Considering older and used models like H&R, he learned about firing pin protrusion and Wolffe springs as potential fixes. However, he hesitated to invest more money in a gun that might bring further aggravation.

He compared the Taself-defenceless blue steel mod 85 he owned, refPolishg on his self-defence needs. While the Taurus offered a lifetime warranty, the mod 85 proved flawless and accurate.

In conclusion, his experience with the Taurus 942, although marred by light-firing pin strikes, highlighted the importance of thorough inspection and maintenance. While the revolver showed potential, it required further attention to fulfil its role effectively.

Taurus 942 Problems
Taurus 942 Problems

Common Question Asked About Taurus 942 Problems:

Can I dry fire my Taurus 942?

The Model 942s in 22 LR and .22 WMR are essentially the same, except for their cylinder and barrel. They are ideal for plinking, training, backup carry, or as compact pack pistols. Notably, these pistols can be safely dry-fired, unlike most rimfires.

Is the Taurus 942 a good revolver?

Revolvers retain numerous commendable traits, notably safety and simplicity. The Taurus 942 encompasses these fundamental attributes while also boasting the distinct advantage of being chambered in a nearly recoil-free caliber.

Is the Taurus 942 double action?

The Taurus 942, a recently unveiled double-action revolver, accommodates eight rounds of rimfire ammunition.

Why are Taurus revolvers so cheap?

They are more affordable than S&W and several other brands because they are primarily manufactured in Brazil and typically come with a one-year warranty. I bought a Taurus G3c 9mm for my daughter, and my wife has a lightweight Taurus Poly 605 .357 revolver. Both are excellent firearms.

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