7 Taurus GX4 Problems to Know Before You Buy

During my experience with firearms, I encountered issues with the Taurus GX4

My hands-on experience with this firearm was both enlightening and challenging.

Upon examination, I found recurring problems with the slide and barrel malfunctions.

This prompted me to delve deeper into finding potential solutions.

Through this process, I gained valuable insights, leading to a better understanding of how to rectify the issues troubling the Taurus GX4.

Problems & Solutions at a Glance

7 ProblemsWith Their Quick Solutions
Slide IssuesAligning catch, adjusting springs, or replacing lock.
Issues with the Firing PinDisassemble, inspect, clean, and lubricate the firing pin.
Trigger IssuesBasic cleaning, lubrication, and magazine experimentation.
Extractor IssueUnload the firearm, remove the slide, clean, inspect, and replace parts.
Firing IssueClean thoroughly, inspect, replace ammo, and avoid warranty issues.
Sight Issue check and adjust rear sight, clean sights, assess grip and trigger pull.
Barrel IssueClean with a bore brush, maintain, and use quality ammo.
Taurus GX4 Problems

Taurus GX4 Problems with Their Practical Solutions

1. Slide Issues:

Dealing with slide problems with my Taurus GX4 has been a persistent challenge. The pistol often fails to lock back after the last round, even with the magazine removed.

This inconsistency not only affects the reliability of the firearm but also disrupts the shooting experience. It leads to decreased accuracy and performance.

I attempted to address the issues, such as cleaning and maintenance. But the slide continues to exhibit abnormal behavior, failing to stay locked back even momentarily after pressure is released.

This issue highlights the need for further investigation and potential modifications. It is essential to enhance the pistol’s functionality and reliability.


Having Slide Issues with Tauras GX4 is very frustrating. However, I found solutions with patience and experiments.

First, scrutinize the catch and the notch, ensuring they align correctly. Experimenting with the spring, removing and reinstalling it, or replacing the sliding lock system can sometimes resolve the issue.

While it may seem challenging to delve into the intricate mechanics of a firearm. Addressing slide problems can be a valuable learning experience.

It leads to a better understanding of the weapon and its operation.

2. Issues with the Firing Pin:

I face one difficult challenge with my Taurus GX4, an issue with the Firing Pin. This issue often leads to higher back pressure.

It causes metal to be pushed outside the primer pocket. It results in a more significant, flatter depression that can hamper performance.

A reliable method to address this problem is crucial for a better experience and the safety of our beloveds.


It is essential to find a reliable solution for Firing Pin. Disassembling the firearm allows for a thorough inspection of the firing pin.

Checking for wear and tear or damage that may affect its functionality. Similarly, examining the firing pin channel for any accumulated dirt or corrosion is essential.

Once identified, cleaning these areas and ensuring proper lubrication can help alleviate problems.

Additionally, inspecting the firing pin spring and understanding its role in the mechanism aids in rectifying the issue. It ensures smoother operation and enhanced reliability.

3. Trigger Issues:

A dead trigger is the most common problem with my Taurus GX4. Here, the firearm fails to respond despite proper handling.

This recurrent issue can be frustrating for everyone. It impacts their shooting experience and potentially compromises safety.

Instead of a dead trigger, a heavy or gritty trigger also occurs. It further detracts from the overall performance of the firearm.

Addressing these issues effectively is crucial to ensure the reliability and functionality of the Taurus GX4.


Here are some solutions for the sTrigger Problem.

First, ensure basic cleaning and proper lubrication of the firearm components. It can often alleviate trigger issues caused by dirt or friction.

Second, experimentation with magazines can be beneficial, as some malfunctions may stem from magazine-related issues.

If trigger problems persist, more advanced solutions may be required. It involves replacing the rear support and trigger assembly or cleaning the breech face and feed ramp.

Send the Gun back to Tauras if the issue persists after all these solutions. You can also find assistance from a professional gunsmith.

4. Extractor Issue:

One common issue with my Tauryx GX4 is the Extractor Issue. It leads to failure to eject or load rounds properly.

This issue often stems from various factors. The factors include debris build-up and a worn extractor spring.

As someone who has encountered extractor issues firsthand, I understand the importance of promptly addressing these issues to ensure the smooth operation of the firearm and maintain safety during use.


I found standard solutions for this problem. A systematic approach can be invaluable. Ensure the firearm is unloaded, then carefully remove the slide for inspection.

Applying a suitable cleaning solvent can help clear any debris affecting extractor performance.

A thorough examination of both the extractor and its spring. Replacing any worn or damaged parts as necessary to restore optimal function.

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5. Firing Issue:

In my Taurus GX4 experience, one problem is the occasional delay in firing. While this issue may not always arise, its occurrence has prompted a deeper look into potential causes.

Regular maintenance routines and ensuring the use of quality ammunition have been foremost in addressing this issue.

However, despite these precautions, the delay in firing can still impact the pistol’s performance.


I found a unique method to resolve the Firing problem. I ensured the Gun was thoroughly cleaned and lubricated to eliminate any dirt or debris build-up.

The dust could affect the trigger mechanism. After inspecting the ammunition and replacing any old or cheap rounds that might have been contributing to the problem, the firearm functioned perfectly.

This approach proved effective. Avoided the delays and potential complications of sending the Gun for warranty coverage or seeking other fixes.

It’s always safest to take proactive measures, and this action resolves the issue swiftly.

6. Sight Issue:

Users of the Taurus GX4 frequently experience issues with the sights. Some users have reported situations where the front sight becomes detached or the rear sight drifts out of position.

These lead to difficulties in aiming and impacting shooting accuracy. Some people face this problem even after great efforts.

As a loyal firearm owner, I shed light on similar issues of the Taurus PT22. You will be pleased to read them.


Here, I have standard solutions for this frustrating problem. I start by checking and adjusting the rear sight, ensuring it’s not drifting and causing alignment issues.

Thorough cleaning of the sights to remove any obstructions is crucial. Additionally, consider your grip and trigger pull, as these factors can contribute to sight misalignment during shooting.

While temporary adjustments may be sufficient, seeking a permanent fix is essential. This is especially true in cases involving manufacturing defects. By these methods, Taurax users can fix this problem.

7. Barrel Issue:

A persistent issue related to the barrel comes to my way during my shooting experience. Despite regular inspection and maintenance, there were noticeable damages that affected accuracy.

Some shots veer wide. They prompted a closer inspection of the barrel.

Unfortunately, signs of wear were evident, including corrosion and pitting, which likely contributed to the decline in performance.

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In addressing Taurus GX4 problems, solving barrel issues requires patience and precision.

I’ve found that a quick remedy involves disassembling the Gun and thoroughly cleaning the barrel with specialized tools like a bore brush to remove dirt.

This cleaning process has significantly improved the situation. It ensures a clear barrel and eventually leads to better accuracy.

Alongside cleaning, regular maintenance and the use of high-quality ammunition are crucial. These standard solutions can be helpful for barrel issues.

My Final Conclusion:

Some users have faced challenges with the Taurus GX4, requiring extensive field testing to resolve. These issues include slide problems and barrel malfunctions.

They have prompted a concerted focus on exploration for workable solutions.

However, professional handling and regular maintenance are essential to handle these problems. Through keen observation and applying the proper care and attention, the Taurus GX4 can still be a reliable choice for concealed carry enthusiasts.

Despite occasional weaknesses, its continued success in the market is a testament to its overall quality.

Despite its flaws, users find the GX4 a reliable firearm with great potential. Its ability to be remedied with profound observation and viable solutions speaks to its continued success in the market.

The Taurus GX4 is a testament to Taurus’ commitment to providing reliable firearms at an accessible price point.

My Friends Feedback:

My friends revealed great experiences with Taurus GX4. One friend recounted his disappointment after experiencing frequent jams and failures to feed (FTF) during range sessions.

Despite cleaning and lubrication, issues persisted. It prompted frustration. Comparisons with other micro 9s and experimentation with different types of ammunition like Sig Sauer and Blazer highlighted the sensitivity of the firearm to various factors.

Additionally, struggles with disassembly due to dirty magazines and floor plates added to the difficulty, emphasizing the need for reliability in a carry weapon.

Another friend expressed frustration with the Taurus GX4. He faced issues with the return to battery and a defective front sight that fell off during use.

Their negative experience led to feelings of distrust towards the firearm. It highlighted concerns about warranty and customer support.

Despite attempts to assemble the trigger and resolve the problems, the overall sentiment leaned towards disappointment. Reinforcing the importance of reliability in everyday carry (EDC) weapons.

The Taurus GX4 established mixed reviews among friends, with some praising its subcompact design, flush-fitting magazines, and accuracy.

However, others needed help with the trigger, grip, and reliability. This led them to explore alternatives in the market.

Despite its affordability and potential as a budget-friendly option for new shooters, quality control and performance issues raised doubts about its suitability as a dependable carry gun.

Common Questions Asked About Taurus GX4:

Why was the Taurus GX4 recalled?

Taurus, which relocated its operations from Florida to Decatur County several years ago, has issued a safety notice on its website regarding the GX4 pistols. The notice alerts users that specific models assembled and sold in the United States may, in particular circumstances, be discharged when dropped.

What is the trigger issue on the Taurus GX4?

The Taurus GX4 has been reported to have an issue with an inconsistent trigger pull weight, resulting in varying shots. This inconsistency can make achieving accuracy challenging and the shooting experience frustrating for users.

Is the Taurus GX4 better than the Glock?

Indeed, while weight is an important consideration, the Taurus GX4 offers an advantage with its extra five-round capacity compared to the Glock 43. However, if compactness is your primary concern, then the Glock 43 is the most miniature option available.

What is the warning on the Taurus GX4?

Certain GX4 pistols assembled and sold exclusively in the United States may, in specific situations, discharge if dropped. It is imperative to discontinue using your GX4 immediately and consult Taurus’s website to determine if your firearm is subject to this safety notice.

Does Taurus GX4 have a lifetime warranty?

To provide additional assurance, the Taurus GX4™ is supported by our Limited Lifetime Warranty and renowned customer service. Moreover, the new GX4 T.O.R.O. incorporates the Taurus Optic Ready Option mounting system, enabling the attachment of various famous micro-red dot sights, enhancing versatility and customization options for users.

Is Taurus made by Beretta?

In 1981, following the completion of its military contracts in Brazil, Italian firearms manufacturer Beretta sold its São Paulo manufacturing plant to Taurus. This acquisition included the necessary tooling, technical drawings, and skilled workforce, enabling Taurus to commence production of various pistol designs previously manufactured by Beretta.

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