The Top 4 Taurus Judge Problems You Need Solutions For

As someone who has extensively tested the Taurus Judge in the field, I’ve experienced firsthand the problems that many users face.

The ejection process can be unreliable, leading to cylinder malfunctions and trigger and hammer locking issues. These concerns are not just mere observations; I’ve encountered them in real scenarios.

However, with the right approach, these challenges can be overcome.

In this article, I’ll share my findings and the practical solutions I’ve developed to overcome Taurus Judge problems.

Problems & Solutions at a Glance

4 ProblemsWith Their Quick Solution
Problems with the EjectionClean the cylinder, oil it, and test for smooth ejection.
Cylinder Problems Inspect thoroughly; replace worn parts if needed.
Trigger & Hammer Locking IssueThorough cleaning resolves trigger and hammer locking.
Jamming Issues Switch ammunition brands to resolve jamming issues effectively.
Taurus Judge Problems

Taurus Judge Problems With Their Practical Solution:

1. Problems with the Ejection:

One of the first issues with Taurus Judge was that the shells wouldn’t eject from the cylinder correctly, which needed to be clarified.

This was mainly baffling since I had just purchased the revolver newly. I decided to conduct a thorough investigation to uncover the underlying causes.

My research revealed that excessive packing grease can be a significant culprit, and I wondered if the manufacturers had overlooked this critical detail.

I also discovered that rust can also contribute to ejection issues, so I kept my revolver clean and dry.

However, despite these efforts, I still experienced problems with the bullets and shells ejecting correctly, leading me to suspect an anomaly with the brand itself, Taurus.


To solve the the ejection problem, a thorough cleaning of the cylinder is often the fix for ejection issues.

During unboxing, residual packing grease may bind shells and cause anomalous ejection patterns. Applying oil and a cleaning brush can work wonders in restoring smooth ejection.

After applying this solution, it’s crucial to conduct hands-on testing. Firing the gun with various shells allows for observation of any lingering problems.

This essential step ensures that the issue is resolved and that ejection remains consistent.

Discussing ejection issues and sharing solutions fosters community and empowers users to tackle problems together.

2. Cylinder Problems:

One common problem is the cylinder becoming stuck and not releasing. This issue is not limited to a single revolver but has been observed across various models.

Several factors contribute to these cylinder problems, including:

  • Rough handling
  • Weak locking springs
  • Improper locking bolt size
  • Rounded locking bolts

Additionally, a faulty front detent ball or dirt buildup could further exacerbate the problem, even bending the extractor rod.


Moving on to the solution, from inspection to fixing: The first step in tackling cylinder problems is a comprehensive inspection.

  • Identifying reasons, such as weak springs or improper locking bolt size, is crucial for determining the appropriate action.
  • Consulting an online tutorial or seeking advice from an expert ensures effective solutions, such as sharpening rounded edges or replacing bolts.
  • In cases where simple fixes prove ineffective, practical solutions become necessary. Lubrication and cleaning can address debris buildup, while a gunsmith can rectify more complex issues such as a bent rod.
  • As a last resort, replacing weak springs or bolts may be necessary to ensure the Taurus Judge operates smoothly.

Additionally, staying informed about familiar Taurus 608 problems can help you troubleshoot and maintain your firearm effectively.

3. Trigger & Hammer Locking Issue:

The trigger and hammer locking issue presents a significant challenge.

It disrupts the shooting experience and raises concerns about the Taurus Judge’s reliability, especially when the cylinder does not rotate smoothly, particularly when shooting 410 shells.

The root cause often lies in the buildup of gunpowder residue or debris within the cylinder, which hinders its movement and causes fitting issues.

Thorough testing and investigative work are necessary to thoroughly identify and understand these issues.


A solution to address the trigger and hammer locking issue demands careful observation and attention to detail.

A simple fix often begins with thoroughly cleaning to remove any built-up gunpowder residue. This meticulous cleaning ensures the gun works smoothly and helps prevent further malfunctions.

For everyone experiencing this troublesome issue, a brush and meticulous cleaning routine can solve the problem effectively.

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4. Jamming Issues:

Jamming issues are a specific concern that warrants attention. Users of the Taurus Judge report this problem frequently, particularly when using specific types of ammunition.

During field tests with the Taurus Judge, a specific jamming issue emerged, particularly with Winchester .45 Colt Long bullets. This problem applies to more than just a single model, as even the Judge Polymer variant exhibits this issue.

Analyzing these jamming issues revealed that they are not isolated occurrences but also affect newly manufactured units.

Addressing this issue demands a closer examination of the ammunition compatibility and potential design factors within the revolver.


To Fix the jamming problem demands a straightforward approach. Changing the ammunition brand can often be the solution.

Through personal experience and testing, discovering the right brand that avoids this peculiarity can effectively resolve the issue.

This trick applies not only to Judge Polymer but also to other revolvers.

My Final Conclusion:

In my review of the Taurus Judge, I’ve encountered various challenges and opportunities with this firearm.

I’ve explored its strengths and weaknesses, from field tests to in-depth analysis, mainly on ejection, cylinder malfunctions, and jamming issues.

Through these experiences, I’ve uncovered solutions and gained a deeper understanding of its maintenance needs and care requirements.

Understanding the intricacies and preferences of this firearm is crucial for both novices and experienced shooters. Its combination of versatility and power presents unique aspects, especially regarding recoil management.

Ultimately, the Taurus Judge offers a distinctive shooting experience but requires diligent maintenance and a keen eye for its peculiarities.

My Friends Feedback:

Gathering feedback from friends who have experience with the Taurus Judge provides valuable insights into its performance and drawbacks. Their opinions vary widely, reflecting this firearm’s diverse uses and perceptions.

Some friends on the forum express criticisms regarding the accuracy of specific models, especially with 45 LC, 44 mag, and 410 rounds. They highlight defects and reliability issues, particularly during range sessions.

Others, however, praise its versatility and reliability. They appreciate its affordability and suitability for home defense. One friend even likens it to an EDC material due to its heavy but reliable nature.

From Matt Stevens, a friend offers a unique perspective, considering the Judge as a last resort weapon. He envisions scenarios where its compact size fits well in webbing or backpacks during outdoor trips. Despite its recoil and penetration concerns, he finds it suitable for trail defense.

Others highlight practical applications, such as using 410 shells for hummingbird hunting or defensive loads for rodent control. However, some dismiss its efficacy, labeling it as a worthless novelty.

Feedback also touches on maintenance and repairs. Instances of jams and malfunctions prompt visits to gunsmiths, emphasizing the importance of regular maintenance for optimal performance.

Incorporating these diverse perspectives enriches the Taurus Judge’s understanding, showcasing its strengths and limitations.

Taurus Judge Problems

Common Questions Asked About Taurus Judge Problems:

Is the Taurus Judge a good defense weapon?

If you’re considering home defense or seeking a reliable backup while hunting, the Judge is an excellent choice. Its versatility in firing .410 and .45 Long Colt makes it ideal for tackling various games during hunts, serving as a reliable last resort for protection.

In what states is the Taurus Judge illegal?

According to California state law, the Judge falls within the category of a short-barreled shotgun, which has a broader interpretation of what constitutes a “short-barreled shotgun.” Consequently, possessing the Judge in that state is deemed illegal.

Is the Taurus Judge discontinued?

Over a decade since its debut, the iconic Taurus Judge® revolver series reigns supreme. Presently, it offers an array of over a dozen models to choose from.

Is a Taurus Judge a good concealed carry gun?

The Taurus Judge is optimal for close-range, high-pressure personal defense situations. While a tad hefty for concealed carry, it is an excellent option for in-car storage or bedside protection.

Can you dry fire a Taurus Judge?

Yes, except for .22 caliber pistols. Revolvers like models 94 and 941 in .22 caliber should also be spared from dry firing.

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