Navigating Taurus PT1911 Problems with Quick Fixes]

Recently, I have searched for the Taurus PT1911. Unfortunately, I have encountered common Taurus PT1911 problems like FTE, feeding issues, trigger problems, safety concerns, and accuracy difficulties.

Are you a Taurus PT1911 owner? Be ready; these problems will come your way!

But fear not; I aim to solve your concerns within no time.

In this article, you are going to read about these problems along with their easy solutions.

Go and explore!

5 Problems With Their Quick Solution
Failure To EjectClean the ejection port and ensure proper lubrication of moving parts.
Feeding ProblemsClean the chamber, ensure correct ammunition, and consider switching to hollow points.
Trigger IssuesClean trigger bow region, inspect mainspring and sear spring.
Safety ProblemsSeek assistance from a local gunsmith.
Accuracy IssuesLowering trigger weight and regular practice.
Taurus PT1911 Problems
Taurus PT1911 Problems

Taurus PT1911 Problems and Their Practical Solution:

1. Failure To Eject:

In Taurus PT1911 problems, you may encounter a persistent issue of failure to eject spent casings reliably.

This frustrating experience often occurs due to various factors, such as:

  • Bad rounds
  • Inconsistent maintenance practices
  • Lack of proper cleaning.

These issues can lead to interruptions during shooting sessions and require careful attention to address effectively.

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A thorough cleaning often resolves the problem. Similarly, ensuring proper lubrication can significantly improve functionality, especially on moving parts like the slide.

Regular maintenance routines play a pivotal role in sustaining firearm reliability. Shooters can promote trust in their Taurus PT1911’s performance by investing time in these practices.

2. Feeding Problems:

Owners encountered a frustrating issue: the failure to feed correctly. This common problem is separate from a specific model and can leave shooters initially puzzled.

Using incorrect or cheaper magazines is often the root cause, interfering with the pistol’s performance and accuracy.

Overcoming this roadblock requires investing in quality magazines to ensure reliable feeding and a good shooting experience.


Finding a solution is crucial when dealing with a stuck pistol due to feeding issues. Thoroughly cleaning the chamber with a stiff brush and solvent can make a significant difference.

Ensuring the correct ammunition and temporarily adjusting shooting techniques can also help alleviate frustration.

Considering the ammunition being used is essential. If you need more clarification, seek professional help. Switching to hollow points can sometimes resolve the issue, particularly with concerns like Taurus TX22 Problems.

Remember, attention to detail can turn frustration into a positive experience.

3. Trigger Issues:

Next, owners noticed an odd sensation when testing the trigger. It felt unusually big, requiring more pulling force than expected. This affected the firearm’s flexibility during use.

This recurring issue seemed to stem from a lack of recoil, creating an obstacle to achieving optimal shooting performance.

Despite being a minor discomfort, it significantly affected the overall shooting experience.


The solution necessitates thorough cleaning to remove greasy residue, particularly in the trigger bow region.

Additionally, inspecting and cleaning the mainspring and sear spring can ensure smoother operation. It results in a more comfortable pull.

Checking settings for over- and under-travel and making necessary maintenance adjustments minimizes excess movement. This ultimately resolves the problem and enhances the shooting experience.

4. Safety Problems:

Ensuring safety with firearms like the Taurus PT1911 is crucial. Issues with the PT1911’s safety mechanisms raised immediate concerns during shooting sessions.

One instance involved the safety lever dropping unexpectedly while pulling the trigger, which was alarming and potentially dangerous.

Upon inspection, owners realized that the safety lever was detaching due to a partly rotated screw.


Addressing firearm safety issues requires caution and expertise, so I never suggest DIY fixes.

Instead, seeking help from a local gunsmith ensures a thorough diagnosis and proper resolution. This restores the pistol to optimal safety standards.

Local gunsmiths possess the expertise to ensure the firearm’s proper function and protection, instilling confidence in its reliability.

Your life depends on it, so relying on professionals is the best approach when dealing with firearm issues like Taurus G2C Problems.

5. Accuracy Issues:

Some users faced accuracy issues. The hefty trigger weight poses a significant challenge, compounding frustrations.

Also, precision loss from certain ammunition types makes the problem even worse.

Accuracy Issue’s Solution:

Addressing accuracy issues in the Taurus PT1911 demands a strategic approach. One effective method involves lowering the trigger weight. It is a logical step that significantly reduces inaccuracies.

Its components meld together by consistently running rounds through the gun, resulting in more consistent and accurate firing.

Persistence in practice is critical; it ensures that accuracy issues are effectively addressed and overcome.

My Final Conclusion:

When reflecting on the Taurus PT1911, my journey of exploration and discovery has uncovered its potential challenges.

Various issues, such as failure to eject and accuracy problems, were exposed through extensive testing and reviewing in the field. However, it’s worth noting that many straightforward solutions exist.

Despite these hurdles, the overall experience with the firearm revealed its reliability, primarily when handled with care and adjustments made accordingly.

My Friends Feedback:

My experienced friend loves his Taurus PT 1911. He got the stainless one and it’s been smooth sailing during his shooting sessions.

Whether it’s the blued or stainless version, it performs flawlessly for him. Despite some complaints about customer service, he hasn’t had any problems.

He lent it to his dad for a CCW class, where it got a bit banged up during ejection, but it still worked great overall.

On the flip side, another friend had issues with their Taurus PT 1911 from Cheaper Than Dirt in 2012. After about 200 rounds, the slide kept getting stuck back after each shot.

Dealing with customer service was frustrating at first, but Taurus eventually fixed it under warranty.

Turns out, the problem was something common outside the slide, which needed adjustments.

Despite the hiccup, he still liked the gun, especially after making some upgrades.

Taurus PT1911 Problems
Taurus PT1911 Problems

Common Questions Asked About Taurus PT1911:

What is the most common problem with the 1911?

This is a common question because the 1911 is known for its frequent jamming issues. More precisely, the ejector mechanism is often the culprit. If the firearm isn’t held firmly in place after firing, the spent cartridge tends to become lodged between the barrel and the slide.

Where is the Taurus 1911 made?

Situated in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Taurus Armas is a diversified international corporation and ranks among the world’s largest small arms manufacturers. The company produced its first revolver in 1941.

Why is 1911 so expensive?

Due to inflation, the prices of firearms have significantly increased. In the past, it was possible to purchase 1911 for as little as $15 after World War II, and even in the early 1950s, Colts were sold for under $500. However, the cost of producing firearms has increased these days, mainly due to the rising expenses of sourcing steel parts and fixtures necessary for production.

What makes a 1911 unreliable?

Several other factors can significantly impact the reliability of the 1911: maintenance, magazines, and ammunition. Let’s address them in reverse order, starting with ammo. Avoid using inferior steel-cased ammunition in your 1911. Opt instead for high-quality brass-cased ammunition to ensure optimal performance.

Is 1911 Standard issue?

The pistol was the standard-issue sidearm for the United States Armed Forces from 1911 until 1985. It played a crucial role in World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. However, the M1911A1 was eventually replaced in 1985 by adopting the 9mm Beretta M9 pistol as the new standard U.S. military sidearm.

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