7 Common Taurus PT22 Problems And How To Address Them

The Taurus PT22 is a famous compact and lightweight handgun. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to examine this gun and found that users can encounter a few problems.

Undoubtedly, the Taurus PT22 is renowned for its manageable recoil, a feature that I find particularly appealing. Its straightforward design and user-friendly nature are also commendable. However, it’s crucial to address the issues that some users have encountered.

It’s true that the Taurus PT22 can present some challenges. Users have reported issues such as jamming, misfires, and magazine problems, which can significantly impact the shooting experience. I understand how frustrating this can be.

Additionally, more serious concerns have been reported, such as the firing pin breaking or difficulty racking the slide.

Given these circumstances, it becomes imperative for me to delve deeper into the Taurus PT22 and seek remedies for these issues. Fortunately, you’ve come across the right article! Keep reading to find out more.

Problems & Solutions at a Glance

7 ProblemsWith Their Quick Solutions
Jamming IssueRegular maintenance, quality cartridges, shooter advice, and online resources.
Frequent MisfiresDiagnosing and replacing faulty firing pins with gunsmith guidance.
Magazine ProblemApplying oil and shaping the magazine for smoother movement.
Firing Pin BreakingReplace fragile firing pin with stainless steel or titanium.
Difficult to Rack the SlideSelect proper ammo, lubricate regularly, and avoid 40-grain rounds.
Trigger IssueDeep clean, target trigger, expert insights, gun scrubber.
Feeding IssuesInspecting and cleaning the magazine, restoring proper spring tension.
Taurus PT22 Problems

Taurus PT22 Problems With Their Practical Solutions

1. Jamming Issue:

Jamming issues will be very frustrating for beginners and owners. The frequent problem of jamming during firing renders the handgun unreliable and leads to dangerous situations.

However, with the right approach, I resolved this issue. I ensure a proper grip on the gun and understand its mechanics. These are crucial steps towards minimizing or eliminating jamming occurrences.


I used to experience frequent jams during PT22’s shooting sessions. As a firearms owner, I’m loyal and passionate about my work, so I had to look for solutions.

After careful experimentation with different ammunition and cleaning routines, I found that regular maintenance and using high-quality cartridges significantly reduced the frequency of jams.

I seek advice from fellow shooters and consult online resources that provide valuable insights into troubleshooting techniques.

With persistence and attention to detail, the problem was effectively solved. It enhanced the overall performance and reliability of my PT22 without requiring me to return it to the dealer.

Addressing these issues reminds me of the Taurus G2C, a unique gun with unique features.

2. Frequent Misfires:

As an owner of a Taurus PT22, I have experienced frequent misfires. This issue can be caused by various factors, including faulty ammunition or mechanical failures within the pistol.

When I encountered such failures, I knew it was crucial to inspect the firearm thoroughly. Failure to do so could result in worn-out components or obstructions in the barrel that may hinder the proper discharge of bullets.

This problem can be solved by simple solutions and techniques.


Here, I found helpful solutions for frequent misfires. In my experience, it is essential to know the importance of troubleshooting.

Despite encountering constant misfires during range sessions, the source of the problem took time to be evident.

After a careful experiment with various types of ammo and a cautious examination of the firearm, it became apparent that the faulty firing pin was causing the disruptions.

I sought advice from a professional gunsmith. This advice proved invaluable in diagnosing and rectifying the issue, ultimately ensuring the pistol’s reliability.

This experience underscores the significance of thorough examination and seeking expert guidance, especially when issues persist beyond the warranty period.

What’s more, I also found different Taurus G3 Problems in my research. You should read them!

3. Magazine Problem:

Regarding the magazine problem with the Taurus PT22, my experience reflects the frustration caused by bullet nose issues.

The magazines often collide within the pistol, leading to friction and a persistent jamming issue.

Lately, I realized that the root cause lies in their inability to fit correctly, exacerbating the delayed extraction difficulty during firing.


Encountering issues with the Taurus PT22 can be frustrating, but there are solutions. One common problem is related to the magazine.

Sometimes, the magazine may not fit properly or cause friction within the front frame of the pistol.

To address this, applying oil to the magazine’s path can help smooth its movement, ensuring it fits seamlessly and functions effectively.

Additionally, shaping the magazine to better fit the pistol’s path can mitigate any issues caused by its lightweight nature.

By implementing these solutions, users can enhance their shooting experience and become more accustomed to their Taurus PT22.

4. Firing Pin Breaking:

As you may know, I read and talk about guns a lot. So, in discussions of Taurus PT22 problems, an issue highlighted is the firing pin breaking.

It proved a significant concern for firearm owners. A broken firing pin renders the weapon inoperable and necessitates replacement.

The fragility of the firing pin is particularly evident during dry firing or when subjected to excessive impact.

Owners often find themselves in a difficult situation when the firing pin fails to fire reliably, prompting the need to swiftly replace the component to restore functionality to their firearm.


One significant hurdle is the frequent breakage of the firing pin. It disrupts the firearm’s functionality.

To address this, many enthusiasts adopt manual methods to remove and replace broken pins.

However, a more durable alternative is sourcing a stainless-steel or titanium firing pin, which can be conveniently purchased online.

This upgrade enhances the overall reliability of the PT22.

5. Difficult to Rack the Slide:

Among the range of issues reported by Taurus PT22 customers, one recurring complaint is the tight slide, which makes it difficult to operate smoothly.

This problem often stems from using the wrong ammunition or inadequate lubrication. It Intensifies the challenge of racking the slide.

Additionally, the choice of inaccurate grain ammunition can contribute to this troublesome situation.


Some people encounter difficulty racking the slide solution when addressing challenges with the Taurus PT22. The firearm’s tight slide also poses difficulty in cycling.

It affects the shooting experience. A common suggestion is to select appropriate ammunition. Avoid 40-grain rounds, which may intensify the issue.

Additionally, regular lubrication of the firearm can help alleviate the tightness. It ensures smoother slide operation.

These simple measures can significantly enhance the Taurus PT22’s performance and usability. As a responsible firearm owner, I also found Taurus G2C Problems interesting.

6. Trigger Issue:

One frustrating problem with Tauras PT22 is the Trigger Issue. The trigger mechanism often proves difficult to engage, hindering the smooth firing of rounds.

This challenge can be attributed to various factors. It includes insufficient cleaning or potential manufacturing inconsistencies.

Despite being thoroughly tested by the manufacturers, the trigger’s initial position remains a constant problem. It impacts the shooting experience and requires extra attention to detail during operation.


I think it’s important to highlight the experiences shared within the firearm community.

One crucial concern has been the occasional trigger malfunction, disrupting the shooting experience.

Through personal experimentation and advice exchange, individuals have discovered effective solutions to address this issue.

A notable suggestion includes ensuring a thorough pistol cleaning, mainly focusing on the trigger mechanism.

By receiving insights from seasoned gun owners and utilizing effective cleaning products such as gun scrubbers, I have successfully resolved trigger-related issues.

7. Feeding Issues:

One common problem with Tauras PT22 is the feeding issue. This malfunction often stems from various factors, making pinpointing the root cause essential for finding a viable solution.

I conducted thorough testing to identify specific symptoms exhibited by the firearm with different types of rounds, which is crucial.

Persistence and determination are keys to overcoming frustration and ensuring the firearm operates reliably when it matters most.


Here are the solutions for Feeding issues. Disassembling the firearm and inspecting the magazine can reveal underlying problems such as a weak spring or dirt buildup.

A thorough cleaning with a brush and solvent can alleviate grime and restore proper tension to the spring.

These steps often resolve feeding problems upon reassembling, offering a solution grounded in hands-on experience.

My Final Conclusion:

Dealing with Tauras PT22 problems is a test of patience. My friends have shared their experiences with issues ranging from jamming to misfires, often pointing toward magazine and firing pin malfunctions.

The slide, trigger, and lubrication difficulties also significantly determine the firearm’s performance.

Despite deep care and maintenance, stoppage and malfunction have been reported. These highlight potential shortcomings in the PT22’s design or components.

Tauras PT22 problems can be addressed by a versatile approach. Every component demands complete attention.

It includes a survey from the upper portion and a breech mechanism to examine the sequence of operations.

While regular lubrication can reduce wear on moving parts, it’s important to follow guidelines and recommendations and watch for signs of deterioration.

In short, being patient and applying a smart maintenance approach is essential while dealing with the Tauras PT22 problems.

My Friends Feedback:

I discussed Taurus PT22 issues among friends. They shed light on challenges and potential solutions.

One friend used it extensively and noted a consistent problem with round feed reliability, particularly encountering stovepipes around the 4th round mark.

It accounted for approximately 80% of the malfunctions. Suspecting issues with magazine curvature and feed lips.

Efforts to address the problem included thorough cleaning to remove factory gunk and experimenting with different ammunition brands such as Remington Viper and Winchester.

Despite these attempts, the persistent stovepiping persisted. It prompted further exploration into potential remedies.

Another friend shared his experience with his Taurus PT22. He highlighted jamming problems and issues with ammunition compatibility.

Despite efforts to address the jams by cleaning and adjusting the grip, the problem persisted, leading to frustration during shooting sessions.

Experimentation with different ammunition types, including CCI standard velocity rounds and comparison with other firearms like the M&P 22, provided insights into potential causes.

These challenges underscore the importance of understanding firearm mechanics and exploring various solutions to optimize performance.

Common Questions Asked About Taurus PT22:

What is the problem with the Taurus PT22?

During my trials with the Taurus PT22, I encountered several common issues often associated with this firearm model. These included problems with the firing pin, trigger mechanism, instances of jamming, feeding malfunctions, issues with the magazine, occasional misfires, and difficulties in effectively racking the slide.

What is the capacity of the PT22?

The PT22 is a semi-automatic pistol chambered in .22 LR, manufactured by Taurus. It has an 8+1 round capacity magazine, providing ample firepower for various shooting situations.

Is the Taurus PT22 poly discontinued?

The Taurus PT22 and Taurus PT22 Poly, though now discontinued, are twin variations of a compelling subcompact firearm designed for plinking and concealed carry. Both models feature a single-stack, double-action-only (DAO) configuration with an 8+1 capacity, offering versatility in ammunition choice between .22 LR and the heavier but slower .25 ACP rounds.

How many bullets does a 22 Taurus hold?

The Taurus TX 22 boasts a magazine capacity of 16 rounds, setting it apart from other semiautomatic rimfires renowned for their reliability with various types of ammunition. Notably, this capacity exceeds competitors like Ruger’s Mark series and Browning’s Buckmark. However, the TX 22 Compact offers a slightly reduced capacity of 13 rounds.

Can you dry fire a Taurus PT22?

Correct, .22 caliber pistols and revolvers, such as models 94 and 941, should generally not be dry-fired to prevent potential damage to the firing pin or other internal components. However, it’s worth noting that the Taurus TX™ 22 is designed to be dry-fired safe, mitigating concerns associated with dry firing in this particular firearm model.

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