Taurus PT92 Problems with Fixes & Tips

Encountering Taurus PT92 problems can be frustrating. From my research with this firearm, issues like jamming, extractor malfunctions, and cycling irregularities have been notable.

Here, it’s essential to explore practical solutions derived from real-world encounters.

In this article, we will delve into issues and their practical solutions to ensure a smooth and comfortable shooting experience.

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Issues and Fixes at a Glance!

ProblemsTheir Quick Solutions
Jamming ProblemsThorough cleaning, polishing, and lubrication, emphasizing diligent maintenance.
Issues with the ExtractorCleaning chambers, clearing debris, and ensuring proper reset.
Cycling IssuesThorough cleaning and maintenance.
Locking Block ProblemContact Taurus for a new piece.
Stovepiping IssuesNew springs, thorough cleaning, and revised shooting technique.
Dent in the RampCareful filing, sanding, and polishing restore functionality.
Taurus PT92 Problems

Taurus PT92 Problems with Their Practical Solutions

1. Jamming Problems:

First, one recurring problem that users encounter is jamming. During field testing, several users reported instances of jams. This leads to frustration and inconvenience.

Upon investigation, it was found that the main sources of these jams often stemmed from dirty magazines, worn-out components such as the locking block and guiding rod, or obstructions in the feed ramp or rails.

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Let’s talk about a solution. Cleaning the gun thoroughly and paying attention to the rails and rough areas proved essential.

Polishing the locking block and straightening any bent guiding rods were additional measures taken.

Applying high-quality gun oil to lubricate the components ensured smoother functioning. While theoretical solutions existed, it was imperative to test their effectiveness in practice.

2. Issues with the Extractor:

Next, owners encountered issues that primarily revolved around the extractor mechanism. While performing manual cycling with a loaded magazine, the slide repeatedly failed to properly engage the next round in the chamber. It leads to unexpected challenges.

Upon closer inspection, it became evident that the presence of dirt exacerbated the problem. This resulted in a frustrating experience.

This necessitated attention to detail and careful examination to address the issue effectively.


Here, practical field solutions become crucial. Effectively cleaning chambers and clearing shipping grease and debris are practical.

One beneficial technique involves pulling the slide back as far as possible and then releasing it, ensuring a proper reset of the extractor.

These simply address the issues faced by users facing extractor problems.

3. Cycling Issues:

Now, let’s talk about the cycling issue. Despite extensive field testing, some users have reported consistent failure of the gun to properly cycle and eject spent cartridges after each shot.

This recurring inconvenience poses a significant hindrance to the overall experience with the firearm, leaving users surprised and puzzled.


There’s often a simple solution to what seems like a complex problem. One might assume that the fix requires a visit to the gunsmith or a thorough examination of the firearm’s internals.

But surprisingly, the remedy can be much simpler. In my experience, a malfunctioning extractor often leads to cycling issues.

However, a hands-on approach involving cleaning the extractor deeply can prove to be the most effective solution.

Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the most reliable.

4. Locking Block Problem:

Next, there are locking blocks issues. Under heavy pressure, a minor glitch in the firearm caused the locking block to fail. This leads to the slide falling out of position.

This unexpected occurrence highlighted the importance of ensuring all components lock properly to maintain safety while shooting rounds.

Trust me, immediate action was needed to fix the issue.


An effective solution is within reach. Finding an easy-to-implement fix. After contacting Taurus for a new piece, the owners were surprised by how easy it was to install.

It simply snapped into position, offering a hands-on fix. This practical approach not only reassured owners but also helped them overcome significant problems.

Through testing, they found this solution to be valuable and applicable to others facing similar problems with their Taurus PT92.

5. Stovepiping Issues:

Next, one common frustration arises in the form of stovepiping issues. During hands-on testing, the firearm tended to cause spent casings to become trapped in the ejection port.

Despite various attempts to diagnose and address the problem, the issue persisted.

Also, factors such as grip and wrist technique were examined to rule out any potential causes.


The solution requires a thorough understanding of the firearm’s mechanics. Practical fixes such as swapping old springs for new ones and ensuring proper cleaning proved to be effective solutions.

Also, aiming for the ejector and extractor ports while revising the shooting technique helped improve the situation.

These solutions were tested in the field and successfully resolved the stovepiping problem. This enhances the overall performance of the pistol.

6. Dent in the Ramp:

Encountering issues with the ramp can prove to be problematic for Taurus PT92 owners.

Often, after firing a few rounds, the presence of a dent in the ramp becomes evident. This leads to clogs and frequent jamming. As these problems persist, the situation only tends to worsen over time.

The slide sometimes gets stuck and requires significant force to work.

This loose component becomes a persistent issue for users and impacts the overall performance and reliability of the firearm.


Recently, a friend encountered an issue with the dent in the ramp affecting the pistol’s performance. Through careful examination and familiarity with firearm maintenance, the dent was skillfully filed and sanded. This ensures a smooth feed ramp.

Applying oil and polish further refined the frame, restoring its functionality. Subsequent test shooting sessions confirmed the effectiveness of the procedure by showing no visible signs of the dent impacting performance.

My friend felt confident in executing this solution. He knew that servicing options were available if needed in the future.

My Final Conclusion:

So, let’s conclude. Exploring the Taurus PT92 shows it’s a cool but tricky gun. It’s known for being tough and accurate. But it can have problems like jamming, stove piping, extraction issues, cylinder issues, or parts getting stuck.

Despite these issues, it’s not too hard to fix them, and the gun’s accuracy and durability make it still worth using.

By knowing its good and bad points, both gun fans and experts can appreciate what it offers.

My Friends Feedback:

Encountering issues with the Taurus PT92 has been a shared experience among my friends. One common problem reported is the difficulty of ejecting empty shell casings. It leads to frustrating jams during shooting.

Recommendations include ensuring thorough cleaning, using quality ammunition, and seeking professional assistance as needed.

Users strive to overcome challenges and enjoy smoother shooting experiences with their Taurus PT92 pistols through collective experiences and seeking expert advice when necessary.

Common Questions Asked About:

Is Taurus PT92 accurate?

Equipped with a fixed front sight and adjustable rear dovetail sights, the PT92 offers standard sighting options. Its substantial weight, further increased with a magazine inserted, effectively minimizes recoil and enhances accuracy when coupled with a firm grip. At a distance of 25 yards, the firearm demonstrates consistent 3-inch groupings, affirming its precision and reliability.

Is the Taurus PT92 made in Brazil?

Manufactured by Taurus at the Beretta factory in São Paulo, Brazil, the Taurus PT92 is a semi-automatic 9mm pistol featuring a double action/single action mechanism. It utilizes a double-stack magazine for increased capacity and operates on a short recoil system.

Does the Taurus PT92 have a safety?

A notable feature of the Taurus is its compatibility with the “cocked and locked” carry method, akin to the design of the 1911. This allows for carrying the firearm with a round chambered, the hammer cocked, and the safety engaged. To deploy the firearm, simply disengage the safety by thumbing it down, a natural motion for effective safety operation, and proceed with operation.

Why is Taurus cheap?

Many Taurus pistols offer commendable performance and reliability. Their affordability compared to brands like S&W is largely attributed to their manufacturing in Brazil and typically shorter warranty periods, often limited to one year.

How many rounds does a Taurus 9mm hold?

With a 12+1 capacity, the Taurus G2C 9mm offers plentiful ammunition for both self-defense scenarios and range practice, ensuring readiness and confidence in various situations.

What is the cyclic rate of the Taurus PT92?

Utilizing a locked breech and short recoil mechanism, the Taurus G2C ensures reliable operation and reduced felt recoil, enhancing control and accuracy during firing sequences.

How far can a Taurus PT92 shoot?

At combat distances ranging from 7 to 21 feet, the Taurus PT92 demonstrates remarkable accuracy, capable of consistently hitting the center of a five-inch target, ensuring reliable performance in critical situations.

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