4 Common Taurus Raging Bull 454 Problems and How to Fix Them

Taurus Raging Bull 454 stands out as a formidable choice. However, like any other equipment, it is not immune to problems.

The journey with the Taurus Raging Bull 454 firearm began with high expectations. Yet, trigger issues, cylinder jamming, and extraction problems soon emerged, impacting the user experience.

These cycling concerns disrupted the flow of field tests, prompting a deeper investigation into their root causes.

In this article, I’ll explore the impact of Taurus Raging Bull 454 problems on user experience and offer insights for smoother operation.

Problems & Solutions at a Glance

4 problemsWith Their Quick Solution
Cylinder Jamming ProblemBy replacing worn pin, ensuring cylinder condition.
Problem with EjectionChambers honed for parallelism; cylinders kept lightly lube.
Trigger IssueDisassembled, cleaned, lubricated, inspected; filed sharp edges.
Cycling IssueTurn cylinder manually, test different ammo, clean buildup.
Taurus Raging Bull 454 Problems
Taurus Raging Bull 454 Problems

Taurus Raging Bull 454 Problems With Their Practical Solution:

1. Cylinder Jamming Problem:

Cylinder jamming can be a frustrating issue for any shooting enthusiast.

Picture this: you’re at the range, eager to unleash the power of your revolver, only to find the cylinder refusing to move forward smoothly.

As you pull back the hammer to the cocked position, a sense of anticipation turns to grappling with the problem at hand.

The single action of shaking the gun to resolve the issue is only sometimes practical. The tight cylinder may bind, causing the pinhole to misalign with the pin, leading to recurrent jamming.

This opening-closing struggle demands a swift and effective solution.


When faced with the jamming issue, I took a methodical approach to find a solution. Upon close examination, I noticed the cylinder was unusually tight.

Further inspection revealed a worn pin and a slight bend, likely causing the problem.

To address this, I made the necessary adjustments. Replacing the worn pin and ensuring the cylinder was in good condition made a difference.

This simple fix not only resolved the jamming issue but also boosted the overall performance of my firearm.

However, it’s essential to be aware of potential Taurus Model 66 Problems that might arise with use, so regular maintenance and troubleshooting are essential.

2. Problem with the Ejection:

During my testing, I stumbled upon a persistent ejecting problem.

After each shot fired, the used case often refused to come out smoothly, becoming a major hurdle in my shooting sessions.

At first, I attributed it to the revolver being new and needing time to settle. However, even after practising extensively at the range, the ejecting problem remained a consistent annoyance.

My initial observation led me to believe it was likely linked to undersized chambers.


Upon realizing the need to fix the ejecting issue, I sought a solution. After some research, I discovered a straightforward approach:

  • I took my revolver to a local gunsmith who honed the chambers to ensure they were parallel and free of any roughness. This simple adjustment made a big difference in removing the used shell smoothly after each shot.
  • I kept the cylinders utterly debris-free and lightly lubricated with lube oil to further enhance performance.

With these steps implemented, my shooting experience with the revolver became more enjoyable and hassle-free.

However, staying informed about potential issues with other firearms, such as the Kel-Tec SU-16 Problems, is essential to ensure a smooth and trouble-free experience.

3. Trigger Issue:

No talking about another situation that may be familiar to many users: the trigger refuses to pull.

Imagine being at the shooting range, firing rounds, when suddenly, without warning, the trigger refuses to pull. It’s not just a frustrating experience but can be dangerous in critical circumstances.

This trigger issue prompted a thorough investigation into its root cause. While rare, it can occur due to dirt buildup or sharp edges on internal parts.


In the heat of the moment, when faced with a jammed trigger problem while at the range, I needed a quick fix.

With the barrel down and safety engaged, I tried wiggling the cylinder and shaking the gun. Each attempt to fire was met with frustration.

Realizing this was not a permanent fix, I opted to take more drastic measures. I completely disassembled the firearm and meticulously cleaned and lubricated each part to address the root of the problem.

I inspected every component for sharp edges and filed them to the appropriate dimension.

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4. Cycling Issue:

During my field time, I faced an annoying cycling issue. The firearm’s entire action would occasionally lock up, resulting in inconsistency.

This happened periodically without a clear pattern. The investigation suggested improperly seated primers or high primers as the culprit.

The theory was that the shell would be pulled forward slightly upon firing, causing the cycling issue. This occurred more frequently with powerful rounds.


I faced a cycling issue that required manually turning the cylinder as a temporary fix.

Experimenting with different ammo types showed promising results, with some rounds performing better than others.

A thorough cleaning was essential. I checked for buildup around the ejector, scrubbed all parts, and cleaned at proper angles to ensure smooth action.

Adjusting the ejector mechanism resolved the problem, restoring my confidence in the firearm’s performance and putting the issue behind us.

My Final Conclusion:

Throughout my experience with the Taurus Raging Bull 454, its robust build and impressive capabilities were undeniable.

However, it had its challenges. I encountered obstacles such as cylinder jamming, extraction problems, trigger issues, and cycling concerns.

Despite these setbacks, rigorous field testing was essential to recognize and address them effectively.

I approached each issue with careful inspection, cleaning, lubrication, and ammunition change. These steps were essential in overcoming the difficulties posed by the firearm.

Gun owners must be prepared to tackle such challenges and continuously strive for performance improvement.

My Friends Feedback:

My friends, knowledgeable about revolvers, provided valuable feedback on the issues I faced with the Taurus Raging Bull 454. One friend, a seasoned ‘smith, suggested a thorough cleaning could greatly appreciate its performance.

Another friend, who owns a Ruger GP-100, mentioned experiencing periodic similar issues, which prompted me to seek advice on online forums.

I visited a forum where individuals shared their experiences and provided information about problems with the RB 454.

One user, who owned a 1997 model, encountered cylinder jams and hammer issues similar to mine.

I tried various methods following their advice, including cleaning, oiling, and engaging the lock mechanism. These efforts gradually eliminated the possible causes of the malfunction.

Moreover, insights from a friend who owns a Taurus .454 Casull Raging Bull helped me understand the common issues associated with this firearm.

Their experience with cylinders getting stuck and bullets jamming provided valuable lessons. Utilizing their suggestions, I improved my maintenance routine to prevent similar problems in the future.

Taurus Raging Bull 454 Problems

Common Question Asked About Taurus Raging Bull 454 Problems:

How powerful is a 454 Casull?

The .454 Casull produces nearly five times the recoil of the .45 Colt and about 75% more recoil energy than the .44 Magnum. It can fire a 250-grain (16 g) bullet at a muzzle velocity exceeding 1,900 feet per second (580 m/s), generating up to 2,000 ft-lb (2.7 kJ) of energy from a handgun.

How accurate is 454 Casull?

Last year, the Model 83 revolver in .454 Casull marked its 25th anniversary. While I can’t definitively claim it to be the world’s finest revolver, I can confidently say it is the finest and most accurate centerfire revolver I have ever had the pleasure of handling.

Is 454 Casull good for hunting?

The .454 Casull is a standout choice. While many handgun hunters achieve great success with the .45 Colt, Casull and Fullmer truly created a winner with the .454 Casull.

What other rounds can a 454 Casull shoot?

“A .44 Special revolver can fire .44 Russian ammunition. A .454 Casull revolver or lever-action rifle can use .45 Colt ammunition, and with proper machining, the revolver can also shoot .45 ACP, .45 Auto Rim, and .45 Schofield rounds. Additionally, a .460 S&W Magnum revolver or lever-action rifle can fire .454 Casull and .45 Colt ammunition.”

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