Taurus Raging Hunter Problems with Perfect Solutions For You

Are you a proud owner of the Taurus Raging Hunter? Amm, are you considering adding this powerful revolver to your cluster?

Don’t you know about Taurus Raging Hunter problems? Listen! It’s important to be aware of its known durability and impressive performance.

These challenges range from bullet issues to timing concerns.

This blog post will delve into these common problems Taurus Raging Hunter owners may encounter and provide practical solutions to keep your shooting experience smooth and enjoyable.

Let’s dive in and explore these issues to ensure your revolver operates at its best.

5 ProblemsTheir Quick Fixes
Bullet ProblemsProper cleaning.
Internal Damage IssuesSend the gun back to Tauras.
Cylinder IssueUse aftermarket parts or find professional assistance.
Problems with the triggerGive a spring swap.
Timing IssueProper adjustment and Support.
Taurus Raging Hunter Problems

Taurus Raging Hunter Problems and Their Practical Solutions

1. Bullet Problems:

During the Taurus Raging Hunter research, a significant concern emerged regarding bullet performance.

Many users reported a persistent problem where the bullets didn’t fit properly in the barrel. It has unexpected resistance while traveling down the barrel.

This issue became apparent as buildups on the barrel surface caused notable hindrances during firing.

Such inconvenience not only disrupted the shooting experience but also posed a potential for damage to the firearm if left unaddressed.

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okay, so the solution must be effective and simpler than feared.

Regularly cleaning the barrel is crucial. It prevents buildup and ensures bullets travel smoothly.

Periodically, a thorough cleaning to remove any lingering accumulation can make a significant difference.

When done properly, immediate resistance during firing disappears. This ensures that the bullets fit the situation perfectly.

This thorough approach to maintenance guarantees that bullet problems are minimized. Trust me, this provides a reliable and smooth shooting experience with the Taurus Raging Hunter.

2. Internal Damage Issues:

Let’s talk about the internal damage issues. This problem seems to occur within the action, where sneaky defects can lurk unnoticed until they become a more apparent issue.

The reputation of Taurus firearms for quality control is often called into question due to these real and persistent flaws.

Unlike the Taurus Raging Bull, the Taurus Raging Hunter also suffers from these internal damage problems. This impacts its performance and reliability significantly.


The solution involves replacing the affected components.

After discovering the problem, contacting Taurus for a replacement is essential.

Sending the damaged parts to Taurus usually results in receiving replacements that have worked perfectly for many users.

Restoring the firearm to its original condition involves careful installation of these new parts and taking the necessary precautions.

Ensuring proper follow-through during this process can ultimately save the firearm from further issues.

3. Cylinder Issue:

Next, a rare yet troublesome issue emerged: a cycling problem where the cylinder occasionally stopped working entirely.

This unexpected hiccup puzzled and frustrated users. It interrupts the otherwise smooth operation of the revolver. During our testing process, this compound issue revealed itself.

While parts for the gun are readily available on the market, addressing this specific problem requires a deeper understanding of the gun’s mechanics.


What about a solution? Sadly, spare parts for this revolver aren’t easily found on the market, and Taurus’s aftermarket service may not have a reputation for swift action.

While addressing this issue, resorting to aftermarket parts could be a less-than-ideal gamble. This risks further complications.

For those lucky enough to have a spare assembly, fixing the problem might be feasible. But for others, it’s a gamble.

In such scenarios, the safest bet is sometimes to opt for professional assistance or seek out the ideal parts to ensure a smoother cycling action.

Trust me, it’s often the ideal way to get things back on track.

4. Problems with the trigger:

Folks! An interesting aspect of the Taurus Raging Hunter that necessarily caught our attention during field testing was the firearm’s trigger.

While some in our team preferred a heavier, more noticeable pull, others found the trigger to be noticeably tight.

This unique feel divided opinions, with some enjoying the stiffness for a tailored shooting experience. For others, it was a drawback that detracted from the enjoyment of using the Taurus Raging Hunter.

To investigate further, owners delved into individual preferences to understand how this aspect of the firearm can be tailored to suit different shooting styles.


Let’s consider a straightforward solution: a spring swap.

  • Explore the internals.
  • Replace the main spring to reduce stiffness.
  • Give the trigger a lighter feel.

This simple trick can make a world of difference, offering a different recoil experience and allowing you to customize the trigger pull to your liking.

Such fine-tuning creates a personalized experience. It elevates your shooting experience to new heights.

5. Timing Problems:

Last but not least, the problem relates to timing issues. It is a well-known issue that can turn minor annoyances into significant ones.

When the cylinder and action aren’t perfectly aligned, it causes a misalignment with the barrel. This leads to a failure to rotate into the locking position.

Diagnosing this delicate issue can be tricky, yet vital for a solution.


The solution demands a delicate touch and careful attention to detail.

During the gun’s assembly, ensuring all parts are fitted properly is important. The cylinder timing must be checked meticulously, as even subtle misalignments can lead to significant malfunctions.

Subtle adjustments are essential. If damaged components are noticed, getting the firearm checked and serviced by Taurus experts is the best course of action.

While the process may seem complex, others have been able to get their guns back on track with proper handling.

My Final Conclusion:

After an extensive period of research with the Taurus Raging Hunter, it’s regrettable to report the recurring problems that emerged.

Timing issues, internal damage, and cylinder malfunctions were among the challenges discovered. They cast a shadow over what could be an appealing firearm.

While trigger concerns were addressed and rectified with careful attention to detail, these weaknesses overshadow the weapon’s potential.

However, it’s crucial to note that many of these faults are correctable with proper maintenance and care.

Despite its versatility and robust build, awareness and diligence are important to ensuring the Taurus Raging Hunter remains a reliable option in your arsenal.

Taurus Raging Hunter Problems

My Friends Feedback:

The feedback on the Taurus Raging Hunter (RH) revolver, especially the 44 Mag with a 6 3/4 inch barrel, is very positive. People have experienced no issues with it, and it performs exceptionally well.

The ported barrel helps reduce recoil, making this powerful gun easier to handle and allowing for quick target acquisition.

It’s also lighter by about half a pound compared to a similar Smith & Wesson model.

For those looking to save money, the Charter Arms revolver is another option. It is well-known for making reliable small guns.

While some might not like how it looks, the Taurus Raging Hunter’s performance makes up for it.

Many users have had these guns for years with very few problems, showing that it is a reliable choice in the big-bore revolver category.

Overall, the Taurus Raging Hunter is a strong performerand focuses on function rather than appearance.

Common Questions Asked About Taurus Raging Hunter:

Are Taurus pistols reliable?

A compact 9mm firearm boasting excellent trigger action and the added benefit of restrike capability has demonstrated its reliability and accuracy across numerous assessments. The Taurus Optics Ready (TORO) variant is specifically designed to seamlessly integrate modern red-dot sights, enhancing its combat effectiveness.

Does Taurus repair guns?

Before any repair work is conducted, your authorization is required, and we will not proceed with any repairs without your explicit approval. To streamline the service process within the United States, please consider the following recommendations when sending a firearm for repair, replacement, or adjustment.

Is Taurus made by Beretta?

In 1974, the Brazilian army awarded a significant contract to Beretta for the Beretta 92. In response, Beretta established a factory in São Paulo, Brazil. Subsequently, in 1980, following the expiration of the contract, this factory was sold to the Brazilian firearms manufacturer Taurus.

What Taurus guns are defective?

In 2013, Taurus ceased sales of nine firearm models in the United States due to allegations of defects. These models are the PT-111 Millennium, PT-132 Millennium, PT-138 Millennium, PT-140 Millennium, PT-145 Millennium, PT-745 Millennium, PT-24/7, PT-609, and PT-640.

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