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Taurus TCP 380 problems have been the subject of extensive discussion and debate in the realm of firearms. My journey with the Taurus TCP 380 is not limited to theories; I’ve spent quite some time researching this gun, so I know its major problems and related solutions.

Particularly, these problems range from feeding issues to magazine problems.

In this article, you will explore these problems and their solutions in detail.

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Issues and Fixes at a Glance

6 ProblemsWith Their Quick Solution
Feeding IssuesBy adjusting the magazine switch and filing its edges.
Slide Jamming IssuesLightly strike the barrel with a rubber mallet and maintain regular lubrication and part inspection.
Firing Pin IssuesRegular maintenance.
Problems with Pulling the SlideLock the slide open before inserting the full magazine and ensure thorough cleaning and lubrication.
Grip ProblemsReplace stock grips with aftermarket ones tailored to individual hand sizes for improved comfort and handling.
Magazine ProblemsThoroughly clean and check spring tension in magazines.
Taurus TCP 380 Problems
Taurus TCP 380 Problems

Taurus TCP 380 Problems and Their Practical Solution:

1. Feeding Issues:

Feeding with the Taurus TCP 380 is a significant challenge. I’ve encountered frustrating instances where the firearm struggles to load a round into the firing chamber.

This issue can be downright dangerous, disrupting the flow of shooting and potentially compromising safety.

Such feeding issues demand immediate attention and thorough investigation to ensure the firearm’s reliability in real-world scenarios.

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A systematic fixing approach is essential in resolving feeding problems with the Taurus TCP 380. While I was tinkering with the gun carefully and identifying the issue, a solution emerged.

The firearm’s feeding mechanism was significantly improved by addressing a small switch within the magazine and filing its edges.

With patience and persistent testing, the Taurus TCP 380 now operates smoothly and reliably.

2. Slide Jamming Issues:

Encountering slide jamming with the Taurus TCP 380 presents a significant user challenge. During reassembly after disassembly, the slide may freeze or become stuck. This causes inconvenience and frustration.

Various factors, such as dirt build-up and worn-out parts, contribute to this issue, affecting the firearm’s reliability and performance.

Addressing slide jamming requires a thorough understanding of these underlying factors to reduce its occurrence effectively.


Fortunately, simple solutions have been discovered to address slide jamming with the Taurus TCP 380. Applying gentle pressure or using a rubber mallet to strike the barrel lightly can resolve the issue without causing damage.

Proper maintenance, including lubrication with high-quality gun oil and inspecting all parts for wear, has proven crucial in preventing slide jamming.

Trust me, you can confidently maintain your firearm’s functionality.

3. Firing Pin Issues:

Next, firing pin issues emerged as a notable problem. These issues stemming from improper maintenance and overuse include dirt and debris buildup within the mechanism. They are causing frequent jams.

Even though these issues were just annoying initially, they eventually hindered the firearm’s functionality.


Regular maintenance and cleaning are vital in addressing firing pin issues with the Taurus TCP 380 to prevent jams caused by dirt and debris.

Emphasizing simple practices such as lubrication ensures smooth operation, keeping the firearm functional and reliable.

Diligent testing and timely part replacements maintain safety and performance.

4. Problems with Pulling the Slide:

An issue with pulling the slide has been observed, particularly after refilling the magazine.

This inconsistency in the force can lead to minor confusion and a lack of confidence in handling the pistol. This poses a challenge for both new and experienced users.

Understanding this issue is essential to addressing concerns regarding the pistol’s reliability and ease of use.


Here is a straightforward fix.. Thorough cleaning and lubrication significantly improved the pistol’s operation.

Upon purchase, stiff springs contributed to the difficulty. Allowing them to break in over time and keeping the magazine loaded for a few days helped alleviate the issue.

This approach ensures optimal pistol functionality, providing a reliable shooting experience.

5. Grip Problems:

The minimal grip posed a real challenge in my experience with the Taurus TCP 380.

The compact design causes issues with accuracy and makes drawing feel awkward.

Additionally, the grip size led to limp writing and stiffness, resulting in malfunctions.


Luckily, I found some practical solutions for the grip issue. The uncomfortable nature of the grip was remedied by using an extension that provided the required support.

After exploring various options, I discovered the effectiveness of replacing the stock grips with aftermarket ones tailored to individual hand sizes.

This modification significantly improved comfort, accuracy, and confidence in handling the firearm.

It was a relatively easy fix, but it significantly impacted the user experience.

6. Magazine Problems:

Next, many users experienced a common hiccup: magazine problems. What initially seemed like a minor malfunction became a significant obstacle during a firearm demonstration.

Upon analysis, it became evident that a rigid spring was causing the follower to get stuck, likely due to dirt and grime building up inside the magazine body.

This simple issue transformed into a considerable inconvenience, affecting the overall performance of the firearm.


The solution involves focusing on spring tension and debris-related issues. Checking the spring’s voltage specifications, owners replaced it where necessary and thoroughly cleaned the magazine with a potent solvent.

Selective purchasing of quality magazines and hands-on testing improved firearm reliability.

My Final Conclusion:

After extensive research, it became evident that, while it’s a compact firearm with notable features, it’s not without problems. Issues such as feeding, firing pin malfunctions, slide jamming, and difficulty pulling the slide were noticeable.

These problems may raise concerns at first glance.

Addressing these issues requires regular maintenance and being mindful of purchasing choices.

With careful consideration and proper handling, the Taurus TCP 380 remains a viable option for those seeking a compact firearm.

My Friends Feedback:

My friends shared a range of experiences highlighting various problems with this firearm. One friend mentioned a feeding issue where the ammo failed to feed reliably into the barrel despite multiple attempts.

Another described a frustrating scenario involving jams during firing, requiring manual intervention to clear the firearm.

Another friend recounted different issues related to ejecting spent rounds and chambering new ones. Despite trying different ammo types, including FMJ and JHP, they experienced jams and malfunctions.

However, the firearm worked more smoothly after lubricating and manually cycling the slide.

This underscores the importance of maintenance and care when dealing with semi-auto pistols like the Taurus TCP 380.

Common Questions Asked About Taurus TCP 380 Problems:

Why does my Taurus 380 jam?

Through my practical encounter with the Taurus TCP 380, I encountered a potential concern that might significantly impact some users: firing pin malfunctions. I observed that inadequate maintenance resulted in the accumulation of dirt and debris within the firing pin mechanism, leading to instances of jamming.

Is the Taurus Spectrum 380 a good gun?

Despite being a DAO mechanism, I could consistently achieve precise and controlled shots. The performance aligns with expectations for a pocket pistol; nevertheless, I observed that the Spectrum exhibits slightly superior accuracy to my Smith & Wesson .380 BodyGuard, although not entirely on par with my SIG P238.

Can you dry-fire a Taurus spectrum?

The effectiveness of dry firing will vary depending on the snap caps utilized and the specific revolver you own. Generally, spring-loaded snap caps, frequently sourced from Italy, are preferred over anodized aluminum alloys lacking a spring-loaded mechanism. I would caution against extensive dry firing of any Taurus firearm.

What is the problem with the Taurus TCP 380?

Despite encountering several issues throughout my comprehensive field testing, the Taurus TCP 380 remains a viable choice for individuals seeking a compact firearm. Initial concerns may arise due to challenges with feeding, the firing pin, slide jamming, slide manipulation, grip, and magazine functionality.

How much is the Taurus TCP?

The price of the Taurus PT 738 TCP is $229.99.

How many rounds does a Taurus 380 hold?

The Taurus .380 Spectrum, featuring a double-action-only mechanism, boasts a 2.8-inch barrel. It offers six or seven rounds of magazines, accompanied by two magazines. Notably, the seven-round magazine includes an extended base pad as a grip extension.

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