4 Taurus Tracker 627 Problems: Get Easy Fixes Here

The Taurus Tracker 627 is renowned for its reliability and durability, yet certain issues can undermine its performance.

From my firsthand experience, one of the challenges encountered with the Taurus Tracker 627 is the occasional difficulty in lifting the hammer and jamming issues with the cylinder.

These nuances can certainly affect its performance and reliability. However, through thorough maintenance and proper handling, many of these problems can be mitigated effectively.

In this article, we’ll address Taurus Tracker 627 problems head-on, offering practical solutions to ensure both performance and safety.

Problems & Solutions at a Glance

4 ProblemsWith Their Quick Solution
Difficulty Cocking the HammerPatience and gentle handling resolve hammer cocking issue.
Jamming IssuesCleaning, lubrication, and proper ammunition.
Cylinder IssuesConsider gunsmith expertise or warranty coverage
Problem With ShellsThorough cleaning and switching ammo brands
Taurus Tracker 627 Problems
Taurus Tracker 627 Problems

Taurus Tracker 627 Problems With Their Practical Solution:

1. Difficulty Cocking the Hammer:

One issue that has consistently occur is the difficulty in cocking the hammer.

The difficulty in cocking the hammer often coincides with issues related to the cylinders, further complicating the shooting experience.

Whether it’s normal wear and tear or a more serious mechanical problem, the cylinders play a crucial role in the functionality of the revolver.

From opening and closing smoothly to aligning properly with the hammer, any deviation from consistent operation can amplify the problem at hand.


To address the difficulty in cocking the hammer, a patient and gentle approach is crucial.

Gently handling the firearm and avoiding forcing the trigger or cylinder rotation can prevent damage and maintain reliability.

Learning from past mistakes, it’s clear that patience is key in coaxing the mechanism to work naturally over time. By taking a gentle and patient approach, shooters can preserve the integrity of their firearm.

However, it’s also essential to stay informed about common issues. For instance, some owners have reported experiencing Taurus 692 Problems with their firearms, which underscores the importance of regular maintenance and care.

2. Jamming Issues:

Another consistent jamming problem that proved to be quite frustrating.

One of the main causes of this jamming issue seems to be related to the alignment of the cylinder and the mechanism’s internal components.

During my initial testing, I found that applying a temporary fix, such as gently rotating the cylinder while attempting to cock the hammer, could sometimes clear the jam.

However, this was not a permanent solution and only served as a stopgap measure.


For the solution of jamming issue with the requires systematic steps. Through experimentation, I found that regular cleaning and lubrication are crucial to mitigate this problem.

  • Ensuring the cylinder is properly cleaned and lubricated significantly reduces the chance of jams.
  • Additionally, using different brands of ammunition made a noticeable difference in performance.
  • In severe cases, when regular maintenance doesn’t resolve the problem, professional help is necessary.

I concluded that sending the gun to a professional gunsmith is effective. Their expertise in fixing these issues ensures a more reliable firearm.

3. Cylinder Issues:

During my field testing, I encountered problems with the cylinder.

Some were minor annoyances, while others were more significant, stemming from manufacturing issues that impacted the firearm’s performance.

Issues like bent ejection rods and wobbly cylinders were evident, affecting the functionality of the firearm.

Additionally, an unusually narrow gap between the cylinder and the barrel was observed, likely originating from the factories during manufacturing.


Initially, my instinct was to attempt a fix ourselves, but I quickly learned that this may not always be the optimal solution. While some minor problems can be managed at home, more severe issues may require the expertise of a gunsmith.

Before deciding, it’s important to weigh the cost and safety of each option. While hiring a gunsmith may cost more upfront, it’s often the safest route to ensure the problem is efficiently managed.

Alternatively, sending the gun back to Taurus for fixing, especially if you’re experiencing Taurus 856 Problems, may take longer, but it could be covered under warranty, saving costs in the long run.

4. Problem With Shells:

During my field time, I encountered an unexpected hiccup related to firing rounds. Occasionally, bullets would get stuck in the cylinder, requiring immediate attention to resolve the problem.

Initially puzzled by this occurrence, I began thinking about potential causes. Upon closer inspection, I noticed residue buildup and a rough interior within the cylinder.

This led me to consider the ammo brand I was using and its compatibility with the firearm.


One crucial part of solving this issue involves thorough cleaning of the bore and cylinder.

Disassembling the gun to inspect the cylinder ensures its smoothness and helps alleviate any residue left inside. Switching between ammo brands, such as PMC, can also help in preventing shell binding issues.

New users often forget to remove packing grease left from shipping, which can lead to frustrating bullet binding problems.

Hence, it’s essential to ensure the gun is thoroughly cleaned and maintained before use.

My Final Conclusion:

After extensive field testing and a hands-on approach with the Taurus Tracker 627, it’s clear that while it boasts impressive build and features, it does share some problems.

The difficulty in cocking the hammer and significant cylinder issues were apparent during my testing.

However, this extensive testing allowed me to thoroughly understand the limitations of the firearm and find real-world solutions to its challenges and weaknesses.

Through systematic exploration and implementation, many of these issues proved manageable when addressed with proper care and patience.

For more complex issues, seeking professional support from a gunsmith may be necessary. Overall, with the right approach, the Taurus Tracker 627 can be a reliable firearm, provided it receives the attention it deserves.

My Friends Feedback:

Gathering feedback from friends who have bought the Tracker 627 provided valuable insights into its performance.

One friend, who purchased the Tracker 627 a month ago, experienced issues with cylinder loads and sticking brass shells while using Norma .357 ammo. However, switching to PMC ammo resulted in smoother shooting with no issues.

Another friend had a different experience, mentioning that the gun shot well with PMC ammo but encountered issues with 38 Specials. This disparity in experiences highlights the importance of ammo brand compatibility.

Another friend shared concerns about the build quality of the Tracker 627, citing issues with the cylinder falling out during cleaning. Despite the lifetime warranty from Taurus, such quality control issues raise doubts about the reliability of the firearm.

Opinions were divided among friends regarding Taurus’s recent quality improvements. While some praised the improved quality, others shared experiences of cylinder lock-ups and mechanical failures even after firing only a few boxes of ammo.

The lifetime warranty from Taurus provides a sense of security for many buyers, but encountering issues such as missing parts or damaged components can be frustrating. However, Taurus’s customer service reputation appears to be hit or miss, with some friends praising it while others expressing disappointment.

Overall, the feedback from friends highlights the mixed experiences with the Tracker 627. While some find it to be a reliable and solid firearm, others have encountered quality control and reliability issues, emphasizing the importance of thorough research and consideration before making a purchase.

Taurus Tracker 627 Problems
Taurus Tracker 627 Problems

Common Question Asked About Taurus Tracker 627 Problems:

Is the Taurus tracker a good gun?

Having limited experience with revolvers, I found the Taurus M627 Tracker to be an excellent option for beginners. Despite its large size, I was impressed by how easy it was to handle. Not only was it straightforward to operate, but every component felt sturdy and designed to endure.

What frame is the Taurus 627?

Considered one of the top options in magnum revolvers, the Taurus Tracker 627 stands out in its class. Neither overly light nor excessively heavy, it comfortably falls into the medium-frame category.

How many rounds does a Taurus Tracker 357 hold?

The Tracker, capable of holding seven rounds of 357, operates as a DA/SA revolver. I was pleasantly surprised by the smoothness of the trigger and the lighter-than-expected trigger pull when firing double action.

Is Taurus 627 double action?

The Taurus 627 model showcases a single/double action trigger mechanism accompanied by a spurred hammer. Offering reliability and affordability, the Taurus 627 stands out as an exceptional option for law-abiding citizens seeking firearm ownership.

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