9 Trijicon RMR Problems: Must-Know Troubleshooting Tips

As a dedicated enthusiast, I’ve always been fascinated by the prevalent Trijicon RMR. Like always, everyone faces Trijicon RMR problems.

It is renowned for its toughness, precision, and speed in target identification, this optic has revolutionized the way we aim.

We aim to provide a comprehensive look at the Trijicon RMR problems for you to make an informed decision about this optic.

Let’s delve into the article and learn how to best handle these problems to enhance your shooting experience.

Problems & Solutions at a Glance

ProblemsTheir Quick Solutions
Battery Life IssueEnsure battery is installed correctly and ensure all contacts are clean.
Flickering Or GhostingA loose power supply or grimy power supply contacts can cause this Problem.
Loose Or Wobbly MountEnsure the mount is fitted correctly and all bolts are clamped
Zeroing IssueUse the appropriate equipment and adhere to the manufacturers instructions.
Damage From RecoilEnsure the mount is installed correctly and the mounting screws are tightened.
Water DamageIf the sight gets wet, make sure it is completely dry before using.
Lens ScratchesKeep fingers and abrasive objects away from the lens.
Compatibility IssuesEnsure the mount is fitted properly and the sight is firmly attached to the weapon.
Inconsistent ZeroSet the reticle’s light levels to the ideal level for the illumination conditions.
Trijicon RMR Problems

Trijicon RMR Problems with Practical Solutions:

1. Battery Life Issue:

Powered by a CR2032 battery, this sight is a marvel in usage and power source longevity under normal circumstances.

However, many individuals have complained about how the battery drains surprisingly fast.

This often leads to the sight suddenly shutting off, especially during prolonged use.

It seems the battery’s lifespan doesn’t always align with the practical demands of frequent use. It poses a critical issue for those relying on the RMR Type 2’s consistency.

Understanding this limitation is vital for users who depend on this optic for precision shooting.


To tackle the battery life concerns, it’s crucial to ensure that the battery is installed correctly and that all contacts are clean.

Drawing from time in the field, we have found that using a reliable battery and keeping a backup always at hand can be a game-changer.

Moreover, a simple yet effective strategy is to extend battery life by switching off the sight when it’s not in use or lowering the intensity settings.

These small steps can significantly impact operational time. It offers more reliability during crucial moments.

2. Flickering or Ghosting:

Several users have complained about a particularly perplexing issue with the Trijicon RMR: the reticle flashes or displays a ghost image.

This phenomenon can be confusing. It is especially true in high-stakes scenarios where precision is central.


A loose connection or grimy contacts are common causes of this problem. To resolve this, ensure that the battery is fitted properly and the contacts are cleaned thoroughly.

If the issue continues, it may be necessary to replace the battery.

In cases where these steps don’t rectify the problem, contacting Trijicon customer support is a careful step.

They can provide further assistance and, if needed, professional servicing to get your sight back to its optimal performance.

3. Loose or Wobbly Mount:

Users of the RMR Type 2 often report a loose or swaying mount when mounted. It affects stability and accuracy.


To address this issue, ensure the mount is fitted correctly and all bolts are attached to the recommended torque values.

An effective method is to employ a thread locker to help avoid bolts getting undone. If the issue continues, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Trijicon customer service for professional guidance or repair.

4. Zeroing Issue:

Many users find it difficult to zero the RMR Type 2, a challenge that affects aiming precision.


The key to resolving the zeroing challenge lies in ensuring that the sight is mounted correctly. The clamps must be clamped to the suggested torque specs.

When zeroing the sight, always use the appropriate equipment and strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you’re still having trouble, it’s advisable to seek help from a qualified gunsmith or an optics expert who can provide the necessary adjustments and insights.

5. Damage from Recoil:

Users of the RMR Type 2 often report that it can sustain damage or even come off under extremely powerful recoil.


For a solution, ensure the mount is installed correctly and the mounting screws are tightened to the recommended rotation. The RM34 mount from Trijicon is specially designed for this purpose.

Using a thread locker can also help avoid bolts loosening. If the issue doesn’t go away, it’s advisable to call Trijicon customer support for expert assistance.

6. Water Damage:

RMR Type 2 users often face issues as it’s not completely waterproof. It may sustain damage when submerged in water or subjected to heavy rain.


The key is prevention and care. The Trijicon RMR sight can withstand humidity exposure, but avoid getting it immersed or exposed to heavy rain.

If it gets wet, it’s crucial to ensure it’s completely dry before using it again.

This protection helps maintain the sight’s functionality and extends its lifespan in damp conditions.

7. Lens Scratches:

Users have complained that the lens of the RMR Type 2 is easily scratchable, which can reduce the reticle’s clarity.


To prevent lens scratches on the RMR Type 2, keep fingers and abrasive objects away from the lens.

For cleaning, use lens cleaning fluid and a super-absorbent cloth to gently remove debris without scratching.

If the lens is already scratched, contact Trijicon customer service to request a substitute or further assistance.

8. Compatibility Issues:

Users have complained about mounting and gun compatibility issues with the Trijicon RMR.


For compatibility problems with RMR Type 2, purchasing decisions should be carefully considered. Ensure that it is compatible with your gun and mounting system.

Before use, aim to ensure the mount is fitted properly and the sight is firmly attached to the weapon. If you are still experiencing issues, don’t hesitate to contact Trijicon client service for support.

9. Inconsistent Zero:

Users report that, based on light levels, the RMR Type 2 can be either too vibrant or not vibrant enough for accurate aiming.


For a solution, it’s essential to adjust the light levels to the ideal level suitable for the current illumination conditions.

If the sight appears not to be vibrant enough, consider inserting a new battery or switching to a higher luminance setting.

Conversely, if the RMR sight is too vivid, try a lower luminance setup or protect the lens with a shade to reduce glare.

From various user experiences, it’s clear that how one handles the Trijicon RMR sight can impact its performance. Some issues, such as accidental drops into water (like a deeper swimming pool than usual), can affect its zeroing.

Taking care to handle the sight carefully and avoid harsh impacts or unusual conditions might prevent these problems.

A Few Words for Trijicon RMR:

The Trijicon RMR stands out in the world of optics as a compact and hard-reflex sight. It is known for its exceptional performance and versatility across various shooting disciplines and skill levels. Its 3.25 MOA red dot reticle facilitates rapid and accurate target acquisition.

This makes it a favorite among shooters who value precision.

Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum (7075-T6), it is built to withstand rough climates and challenging environments.

One of the standout features of the Trijicon RMR is its clear and vivid reticle, which remains consistent across different lighting situations.

This is largely due to its energy-efficient LED light source, which remarkably extends the battery life.

Users can expect up to four years of nonstop usage at a mid-level bright light setting. This reduces the need to worry about frequent battery changes.

Tested Alternatives for Trijicon RMR:

1. Holosun 507c:

The Holosun HS507C emerges as a unique alternative in the realm of red dot sights. It strikes a balance between simplicity and ruggedness. This makes it a compelling choice for various shooters.

This sight features a 2 MOA dot and a 32 MOA circle reticle.

This provides versatility for both close-quarter and extended-range engagements. The ease with which it can be mounted on a broad range of weapons enhances its appeal.

A standout aspect of the Holosun HS507C is its impressive battery lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. This ensures reliability and long-term use without frequent battery replacements.

While considering Holosun products, it’s important to be aware of potential issues specific to models, such as Holosun 407c x2 problems and Holosun 407k problems, to ensure a choice that best fits the user’s needs.

2. Vortex Venom:

The Vortex Venom stands out as a convenient red dot sight in the optics market. Its 3 MOA dot reticle is suited for both rapid target acquisition and precision shooting.

While its battery life of 150 hours might not match that of some competitors, it compensates with the ease of being installed on a wide range of surfaces.

The Venom’s robustness is one of its key strengths. It is designed to sustain substantial recoil. This makes it a reliable option for high-caliber firearms.

However, like any product, it’s not without its challenges; discussing vortex venom problems can help users understand its limitations and make an informed choice based on their specific needs.

3. Aimpoint Acro P-1:

The Aimpoint Acro P-1 distinguishes itself as a persistent and water-resistant red dot sight.

It boasts a 3.5 MOA dot reticle that provides sharp precision. It is suitable for a range of shooting scenarios. A notable feature is its impressive standby time of twelve months.

It ensures prolonged reliability. This sight is especially well-suited for handguns and various types of weapons, thanks to its low-profile architecture.

4. Leupold Deltapoint Pro:

The Leupold DeltaPoint Pro stands out as a convenient and reliable red dot sight.

It offers a 2.5 MOA dot reticle that caters to both quick target acquisition and precise shooting. Its 500-hour standby time is a testament to its endurance. This is especially true in strong recoil and hazardous climates.

The versatility of the DeltaPoint Pro is further enhanced by its compatibility with various mounting frameworks. This makes it a powerful and adaptable option for a wide range of firearms.

5. Trijicon SRO:

The Trijicon SRO is a bigger and more sophisticated edition of the RMR Type 2. It boasts a larger viewing area and a luminous reticle. It offers a broader variety of luminance settings.

This sight is designed not just for pistols but also for various kinds of handguns.

It can be assembled on a broad spectrum of systems. This makes it a versatile substitute for a wide array of personal needs and choices.

When buying a red dot sight, considering factors like size, mass, reticle type, battery capacity, and compatibility with your gun is crucial.


The Trijicon RMR Type 2 stands as a top-notch red dot sight for those seeking rapid and precise target acquisition. It’s engineered to resist strong use in challenging environments. This makes it a reliable choice for various shooting scenarios. However, it’s not without its drawbacks.

When purchasing a red dot sight, it’s essential to consider your particular requirements and likes, including the kind of firearm, mounting system, and illumination conditions you’ll be working with.

Considering your spending capacity and course of action, it is advisable to conduct an in-depth review and weigh all alternatives before making a final decision. This approach ensures that you select a sight that best aligns with your personal preferences and shooting requirements

Trijicon RMR Problems

My Friends Feedback:

Over the years, my friends have extensively used various models of the Trijicon RMR in their shooting endeavors. One common problem we’ve encountered is the dot disappearing after several rounds.

My friend’s RMR01, mounted on a Sig 45, was replaced after multiple tests due to this issue. Another instance was with the RMR07 on a 1911 9mm, which showed intermittent red dot failures after 500 rounds.

Several of them who have had Lasix surgery prefer the Trijicon RMR over traditional iron sights. Its red dots seemed like the perfect solution, but the reality was sometimes an abnormality.

The customer service was commendable, boosting our confidence in the brand. It’s a mix of being unlucky at the range and yet lucky to have these experiences in a controlled environment rather than in a critical situation.

Another point of discussion among us was the mounting setup. Most failures were attributed not to the red dot itself but to mounting issues. A friend noted that direct mill mounting and attention to the screws’ length and torque could prevent dot failure.

One of us used Duracell batteries instead of Energizer, coupled with a foam ear plug behind the battery contact to maintain spring tension under recoil. This modification greatly improved the performance of various firearms, including pistols, rifles, and even a shotgun.

We recognized two types of RMRs: those that have failed and those that will. Even after getting their units serviced and directly milled, some faced issues. One friend used silicone under the battery as a workaround, while another found that electrical tape led to prematurely dead batteries.

In terms of durability, the RMR was the clear winner. But when it came to usage, personal preferences played a significant role.

Common Questions Asked About Trijicon RMR:

How durable is Trijicon RMR?

The Trijicon RMR is designed to be as durable as the legendary Trijicon ACOG, while also improving precision and accuracy with any style or caliber of firearm. 

How long will an RMR last?

Over 17,000 Hours of Battery Life: A single CR2032 battery can last up to 35,000 hours and up to 4 years in dark storage.

What is the battery life of the Trijicon RMR?

Although smaller, the RMR keeps all the great features of the Trijicon RMR. With easy-to-use buttons, a common 2032 battery with up to 4 years of illumination, and a wide variety of mounts to fit today’s popular concealed carry pistols, the RMRcc is the clear choice for personal defense.

How long is the Trijicon RMR’s warranty?

A limited lifetime warranty that covers both material and workmanship issues is provided with the Trijicon RMR.

Can you hunt with a Trijicon RMR?

Yes, the Trijicon RMR is suitable for hunting.

Does the Trijicon RMR have a cover to protect it?

Yes, a cover that helps shield the lens from scuffs and other damage is included with the Trijicon RMR.

Is the Trijicon RMR interoperable with night vision equipment?

Yes, the Trijicon RMR works with night vision equipment and has a night vision mechanism that lets you change the reticle’s luminance.

How do I change the brightness on the Trijicon RMR?

The Trijicon RMR has an incredibly simple knob that you can turn to change the reticle’s light output. To change the brightness, easily turn the knob in a clockwise or counterclockwise motion.

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