The Hidden 4 Trijicon RMRcc Problems And Effective Solutions

As a passionate firearm enthusiast, diving into the world of optics can be both thrilling and daunting. The Trijicon RMRcc is a beacon in this landscape, promising enhanced sight and precision.

However, like any piece of gear, it comes with its own set of challenges. Within the landscape of problems lies an opportunity for solutions. 

In this blog, we unravel the truth behind user’s problems with the RMRcc, aiming to provide insightful solutions for a smoother shooting experience.

4 Problems With Their Practical Solution
Battery Life ConcernsUse quality batteries, store properly, adjust brightness, replace regularly.
Adjustment DifficultyClean, lubricate, inspect, and use compatible tools for adjustments.
Lens Clarity and DistortionMaintain with proper cleaning, mounting, and seek professional maintenance.
Holster CompatibilityInnovative adapters, plates, and collaboration for holster compatibility.
Trijicon RMRcc Problems
Trijicon RMRcc Problems

Trijicon RMRcc Problems With Their Practical Solution:

1. Battery Life Concerns:

Battery life is a critical aspect for users of the Trijicon RMRcc that directly impacts performance and reliability. The battery’s lifespan can vary significantly depending on temperature extremes and brightness settings.

The drain is more pronounced in high-power mode, especially during prolonged shooting periods. As the battery ages, symptoms of reduced performance may manifest, including flickering or dimming of the red dot. 

Expired batteries or counterfeit ones exacerbate these issues, leading to sudden shutdowns or depleted power. When faced with battery weakness, the sight settings become challenging to see, affecting the shooter’s accuracy and confidence.


For Trijicon RMRcc users, ensuring optimal battery performance is essential for maintaining sight reliability. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Using high-quality batteries like Energizer 1632 avoids issues with low-quality or counterfeit ones.
  • Storing the sight correctly and adjusting brightness conserves battery life.
  • Adjust the brightness settings to the lowest level suitable for the environment to conserve battery power.
  • Regularly replacing batteries every 12-18 months ensures continuous operation.
  • Take advantage of customer support and warranty services for guidance on battery issues and maintenance.
  • Conduct regular maintenance to sustain performance.

2. Adjustment Difficulty:

Adjusting windage and elevation screws on the Trijicon RMRcc can be challenging for users, which reduces the device’s use.

Such issues often stem from stiffness or over-tightening, complicating adjustments. This installation challenge can arise due to corrosion or debris accumulation in screw threads, highlighting the importance of maintenance.

Addressing this, meticulous attention to design and manufacturing tolerances can prevent binding, ensuring smoother operation and prolonged durability of the optic on handguns.


Users facing difficulty in adjusting windage and elevation screws on their red dot sight can find it frustrating and detrimental to zero.

However, several potential solutions exist to address this issue.

  • Cleaning screws with a soft-bristled brush or cotton swab.
  • Applying lubricant like silicone spray or gun oil.
  • Inspect for dirt and wear to prevent damage.
  • Utilizing compatible tools and seeking customer support for replacement parts.
  • Regular maintenance and lubrication ensure smooth operation and reliable performance.

3. Lens Clarity and Distortion:

A hazy or cloudy appearance, along with distorted or blurry dots, can reduce visibility, especially in low-light conditions.

Factors such as curved or warped sight pictures and off-center or irregularly shaped reticles hinder accurate aim. These problems can stem from lens material or coating, installation or mounting issues, or damage to the sight housing. 

Additionally, environmental factors like extreme temperatures and humidity can exacerbate distortion.


Proper maintenance offers practical solutions. For example, damage can be prevented by using a cleaning cloth and solution designed for optics and avoiding abrasive materials.

Correct mounting and installation are crucial, as they are guided by the user manual or Trijicon support. For severe issues, return for replacement under warranty or seek customer support. 

Professional maintenance by a gunsmith or technician improves lens coatings and manufacturing processes, enhancing clarity and reducing distortion.

4. Holster Compatibility:

Due to its unique design, Trijicon RMRcc users may encounter holster compatibility issues. Factors like height and width can affect fitting on non-optic-equipped handguns, leading to holster interference.

The optic itself may cause retention issues due to its shape and curved edges. This makes inserting and removing the handgun insecure and prone to accidental dislodging or loss. 

Ensuring holster compatibility with the slide lock and release mechanism is crucial to mitigate these challenges and ensure a secure carry.


Addressing Trijicon RMRcc’s holster compatibility problem requires innovative solutions to ensure seamless integration with holsters and handguns.

Custom inserts and adapters tailored to the optics’ dimensions provide precise clearance and secure fitment.

Adapter plates from reputable brands like Trijicon, Safariland, and Blackhawk offer versatile compatibility options.

Collaborating with a professional holster maker ensures custom holsters that are secure and compatible with your specific handgun and optic configuration, offering peace of mind in every carry situation.

Alternatives To Trijicon RMRcc:

Trijicon RMR:

Trijicon RMR, a champion among red dot sights, epitomizes the fusion of artistry and technology. Known as the Micro Red Dot Masterpiece, its optic design balances form and function with rugged construction and corrosion resistance against the elements. 

Equipped with a multi-coated lens, it delivers a crystal-clear, distortion-free view for unparalleled personalization. Various reticle patterns and illumination options are tailored to the shooter’s preference. 

Whether for tactical warriors or precision hunters, the essence of unrivaled craftsmanship enriches every shooting experience.

Holosun 407k:

Holosun 407k, a compact red dot sight, emerges as a hidden gem in the optics realm. Its innovative design and cutting-edge technology offer shooters a distinct advantage. 

The Solar Failsafe feature ensures uninterrupted operation by harnessing ambient light, while the crisp, 6 MOA dot delivers precise reticle functionality. 

With its robust construction, the Holosun 407k is a reliable companion for concealed carry or competition shooting. It enables precise target acquisition and consistent performance in every scenario.

Trijicon Shield RMsc:

Trijicon Shield RMSc, a micro red dot sight, embodies precision within a compact frame, which is ideal for concealed carry and personal defense scenarios. 

Serving as a guardian for accuracy in diverse environments, it offers unmatched dependability and performance. 

Its sleek design and advanced lens coating ensure crystal-clear sight pictures for rapid target acquisition. Empowering shooters to face any threat confidently becomes a steadfast ally in pursuing safety and security.

My Final Conclusion

In conclusion, the Trijicon RMRcc remains a formidable choice for concealed carry, boasting exceptional accuracy and speed. While it presents its share of problems, addressing them effectively can elevate one’s arsenal.

Users should thoroughly test the sight and be prepared to address any challenges that may arise during use. Overall, the RMRcc offers a compact and effective aiming solution.

With the right approach and solutions, the RMRcc remains a reliable companion in personal defense.

My Friends Feedback:

After discussing the Trijicon RMRcc with friends, various issues emerged, shedding light on users’ challenges.

One friend, a seasoned shooter with a spare 43 and an RMRcc slide milled and installed, highlighted interference with the rear dovetail. Despite understanding the need for an adapter plate, the milled space and bolt screw placement became culprits in the problem. 

Another friend field-stripped his G43s for function testing and noted the identical milled space and adapter plate challenge. 

Additionally, feedback from those who attended a pistol class with a G19.5 equipped with the RMRcc raised concerns about loss of zero and damage due to its rugged but concrete design.

Despite these challenges, others appreciated the optic’s unique footprint and its auto-brightness feature, which provided an advantage in daylight settings. 

However, issues persisted for students in pistol classes, where red dots like Holosuns faced slide milling and zero loss problems, raising questions about their accuracy and speed compared to competitors like Acro.

Trijicon RMRcc Problems
Trijicon RMRcc Problems

Common Question Asked About Trijicon RMRcc Problems:

Is the RMRcc good?

We find the RMRcc to be exceptionally durable among concealed carry optics. Even after rigorous torture tests, the zero remained reasonably close to the initial setting, and there were no fractures or damage to the glass.

Is there a difference between Trijicon RMR and the RMR CC?

The RMRcc is engineered to enhance your confidence when concealed carrying. In critical moments, every fraction of a second counts. With its sleek, low-profile design, the new Trijicon RMRcc minimizes the risk of snags, enabling a quicker and smoother draw. Despite its smaller size, the RMRcc retains all the exceptional features of the Trijicon RMR.

Does the RMRcc auto adjust?

The MANUAL MODE offers 8 brightness settings, while the AUTOMATIC MODE adjusts between settings 3 and 7 according to ambient light. The battery required is a CR2032 3V DC Lithium.

How long does RMRcc battery last?

With easy-to-use buttons, a standard CR2032 battery offering up to 4 years of illumination, and various mounts to fit popular concealed carry pistols, the RMRcc is ideal for personal defense. Achieve pinpoint accuracy with a single, clear aiming point superimposed on your target.

What size dot is the RMRcc?

The specifications for the Trijicon RMRcc LED Reflex Sight are as follows:
Length: 1.8 inches
Width: 0.9 inches
Height: 0.9 inches.

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