All 10 Aimpoint Acro P2 Problems & Their Solutions

If I start talking about the positives of the Aimpoint ACRO P-2, I’ll might be tempted ignore the problems it has. This device is that good:

  • It is the second generation in Aimpoint’s ACRO series. It is specifically designed for tough, real-world use.
  • Boasting a robust build, it stands as an appropriate choice for a red dot sight meant to endure continuous use.
  • Its long battery life is a significant strength. It ensures the battery pack doesn’t run out at the wrong time. It makes it a reliable companion in the field.

But yes, it has a long list of Aimpoint Acro P2 problems, 10 to be exact!

You just can’t ignore these problems. Otherwise, you’ll have a bad shooting experience!

Let’s delve into this article and find practical solutions for these persistent problems.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

ProblemsWith Their Quick Solutions
Battery LifeUse lower illumination setting in daylight, carry backup battery.
DurabilityInvest in protective covering or case for Acro P2.
PriceAssess the Aimpoint Acro P2’s features and durability.
Size and WeightConsider smaller and lighter red dot sights as alternatives.
Limited Adjustment RangeConsider alternatives.
Lens ClarityRegular and careful cleaning.
Mounting IssuesEnsure a safe and stable mount for your Aimpoint Acro P2.
Brightness AdjustmentPractice adjusting the Aimpoint Acro P2’s brightness settings.
Limited Reticle OptionsConsider alternatives.
AvailabilityCheck local and online gun dealers for availability.
Aimpoint Acro P2 Problems

Aimpoint Acro P2 Problems With Practical Solutions

1. Battery Life:

First, some customers claim that its battery life is inferior compared to other models.

It’s crucial to understand that battery life can greatly affect the sight’s performance. It is especially useful in prolonged use scenarios.

This concern is particularly notable when considering various brightness configurations.

Personal experience and user reports suggest that understanding and managing these configurations can be pivotal in optimizing the Acro P2’s battery efficiency.


In daylight, using a lower illumination setting can significantly extend the battery’s lifespan. Carrying a backup battery is also advisable, especially if the primary one runs out unexpectedly.

Keeping a couple of spare batteries on hand ensures uninterrupted performance, allowing for more focus on the target and less on power concerns.

This approach effectively reduces battery-related worries and enhances overall shooting efficiency with the Acro P2.

2. Durability:

Despite the high regard for the Aimpoint Acro P2, some users have doubted its durability. This is especially true in stressful situations. Concerns have been raised about it being unreliable when subjected to rigorous field conditions.

In this context, discussions about aimpoint comp m5 problems also surface, offering a comparative perspective on durability issues across different models.

Drawing from experience and feedback from other users, it becomes essential to assess the durability of the Acro P2 under various stress tests.

Understanding its performance limits and strengths can help users set real expectations and potentially identify areas where improvements or additional protective measures might be necessary.


To address the durability concerns of Aimpoint Acro P2, it’s essential to take care of and avoid adverse conditions that could potentially harm it.

Investing or spending money on a protective covering or a case can significantly shield the sight from environmental factors and physical harm.

This approach not only extends the life of the Acro P2 but also maintains its operational efficiency.

3. Price:

The Aimpoint Acro P2 stands out in the market not just for its features but also for its cost. It’s priced higher than many other red-dot sights. This can be a drawback for some users.

Balancing cost with quality is crucial, while the Acro P2 offers exceptional performance. Its higher price tag may necessitate careful consideration for budget-conscious buyers.


For a solution, it’s essential to weigh its performance and durability against your shooting requirements and spending limit.

While the price might seem steep, understanding the value it brings in terms of reliability and longevity can justify the investment.

Before making a purchase, it’s advisable to assess how its features align with your specific needs.

4. Size and Weight:

The size and weight of the Aimpoint Acro P2 may not make it the best option for people who prefer a smaller, lighter red dot sight.

While its mighty construction offers durability and reliability, these features also contribute to its heftier physical profile.

This aspect is particularly noticeable when compared to other lighter models on the market, as highlighted in a Glock 17 Gen 5 review.


For those who prefer a smaller and lighter red dot sight, the market offers a variety of alternative products.

While the Aimpoint Acro P2 excels in performance and provides better accuracy, its size may not align with everyone’s preferences.

Exploring these alternatives can be a practical solution for users who prioritize compactness and ease of handling.

It’s important to balance the trade-offs between a bigger sight and the agility of a smaller one.

5. Limited Adjustment Range:

Another problem is related to limitations. This limitation can be a significant consideration for long-range shooters who require a broader range of adjustments for precision aiming.

From my experience, while the Acro P2 excels in close to mid-range engagements, its adjustment range might not fully cater to the demands of long-distance targeting.

This makes it less ideal for specific shooting disciplines or scenarios that require extensive range flexibility.


For a solution, it’s crucial to select a red dot sight that aligns with your specific needs. The choice should be based on the shooting miles you frequently encounter.

If your shooting activities involve varied distances that require a wide range of adjustments, considering alternative sights with a more flexible adjustment range could be beneficial.

This personalized approach ensures that your equipment is not only appropriate for your preferred shooting style but also enhances your overall shooting experience.

6. Lens Clarity:

A point of contention among users has been its lens clarity, which some individuals find is not as good as they had anticipated.

This perceived shortfall can potentially compromise both precision and target acquisition.

From a practical viewpoint, its lens clarity in different environmental conditions and lighting scenarios might not meet the expectations of all users.

This is especially true for those who rely heavily on utmost clarity for precision shooting.


There are a few practical steps one can take.

  • Firstly, it’s vital to prevent contracting and scratching the lens.
  • Regular and careful cleaning is essential.
  • One effective method is to think about applying an anti-fog or anti-glare coating, which can significantly improve visual performance under varying conditions.

From my experience, maintaining the lens in a new condition and utilizing these specialized coatings can dramatically enhance the sight’s clarity and overall functionality.

7. Mounting Issues:

A notable concern with the Aimpoint Acro P2 is its mounting system.

In cases where the standard mount doesn’t fit, it becomes necessary to use extra adapters or make changes to the mounting setup.

This can be a hurdle for users who expect a seamless installation process.

Based on my experience, the Acro P2 offers excellent performance. Ensuring its compatibility with your firearm is crucial, and sometimes that means investing in additional mounting solutions or modifications to achieve the perfect fit and function.


To solve this, the first step is to confirm that your firearm is compatible with the sight.

Before making a purchase, it’s important to ensure a safe and stable mount.

In some cases, this might need extra alterations or the purchase of adapters specifically designed for the Acro P2.

This proactive approach not only enhances the functionality of the sight but also ensures safety and accuracy.

My advice is always to research and potentially invest in the necessary accessories to guarantee a seamless and secure mounting experience.

8. Brightness Adjustment:

Many users have found it difficult to set the sight to the proper illumination level on the Aimpoint Acro P2. The illumination adjustment on the Acro P2 is not readily apparent and is not simple to use for everyone.

This can be a significant hindrance. This is especially true for those who require quick and precise adjustments in varying light environments.


To effectively manage the brightness modification system of the Aimpoint Acro P2, especially when using it outdoors, it’s essential to become accustomed to its functionality.

Increasing your skill in adjusting the sight for various lighting situations can greatly enhance your proficiency with the Acro P2.

Regular practice is the key. I have personally found that spending time familiarizing myself with the range of brightness settings and experimenting in different environments significantly improves ease of use and overall efficiency with the sight.

9. Limited Reticle Options:

The Aimpoint Acro P2 presents a limitation with its one reticle choice. This may not be appropriate for all shooters and various shooting scenarios.

The singular reticle option, may not cater to the diverse preferences and needs that arise in different shooting contexts.

I have noticed this limitation can be a deciding factor for shooters who require versatility in their optic’s reticle for adapting to a range of environments and targets.


For those who need more versatility beyond the Aimpoint Acro P2’s one reticle choice, exploring other red dot sights offering multiple reticle choices can be a practical solution.

It’s important to take into consideration the specific shooting scenarios you frequently encounter to determine if the Acro P2’s reticle is adequate for your needs.

Its single-reticle option might not suit numerous shooting scenarios. It is especially useful for shooters who require adaptability.

In such cases, considering alternatives becomes essential to meet the diverse demands of different shooting disciplines.

10. Availability:

A significant issue with the Aimpoint Acro P2 is that it is not easily accessible in all areas or nations, posing a challenging situation for users looking to buy or obtain this sight.

This limited availability can be frustrating for enthusiasts and professionals who have heard of its superior performance but find it hard to acquire in their region.

I’ve encountered numerous instances where eager shooters have struggled to find the Acro P2 locally, often resorting to extensive searches or considering alternative sights due to these accessibility issues.


To overcome the availability challenges of the Aimpoint Acro P2, it’s vital to find out if it is offered in your area.

Checking with nearby gun dealers and online merchants can be an effective way to locate this item. If the Acro P2 is not available locally, you might think about buying it from an international retailer.

This approach can broaden your options and ensure you get your hands on this coveted sight.

In my experience, reaching out to well-established online platforms often yields positive results.

Best Alternative For Aimpoint Acro P2

Trijicon RMR Type 2:

When exploring alternatives to the Aimpoint Acro P2, the Trijicon RMR Type 2 stands out as a formidable option.

This red dot sight is renowned for being exceptionally strong and resilient. iT IS designed to survive adverse conditions with ease.

One of its most compelling features is the 3.25 MOA reticle, which offers precise aiming in various shooting scenarios.

Furthermore, its impressive four-year battery life significantly reduces the frequency of battery replacements.

Holosun HS507C:

Among the alternatives to the Aimpoint Acro P2, the Holosun HS507C emerges as a flexible and reasonably priced choice.

It boasts an array of features that cater to a diverse range of shooters.

The multi-reticle system is particularly notable, offering users the versatility to switch reticles as per their preference or shooting conditions.

Also, the battery backup feature ensures uninterrupted operation, while the innovative shake-awake technology contributes to its energy efficiency.

Vortex Venom:

In the search for alternatives to the Aimpoint Acro P2, the Vortex Venom distinguishes itself as a lightweight and easy-to-carry option.

Its user-friendly nature is evident in how simple it is to both setup and operate.

One of its standout features is the extended battery life, boasting up to 150 hours of continuous use, which significantly reduces the hassle of frequent battery changes.

Additionally, the 3 MOA reticle offers precise aiming for various shooting activities.

Leupold DeltaPoint Pro:

For those seeking a high-performing alternative to the Aimpoint Acro P2, the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro stands out.

This red dot sight is tailored for high caliber and tactical use, making it a favorite among professionals and enthusiasts alike.

A remarkable feature of the DeltaPoint Pro is its internal battery life, which can extend up to twenty thousand hours. It offers reliability over extended periods.

The sight’s 2.5 MOA reticle enhances precision. It provides clear and accurate aiming in various shooting conditions.

My Final Conclusion:

I purchased the Aimpoint Acro P2 red dot sight and found its clear and vivid display pleasing in low-light conditions. However, it only has one reticle choice. Attaching it to my gun was challenging.

It requires additional equipment. Despite this, I’m pleased with its reliable performance and durability.

Reviews have been mixed, with some praising its performance and others complaining about issues such as battery life, toughness, weight, dimensions, limited modification range, lens clarity, mounting compatibility, illumination modification, and limited reticle choices.

Prospective buyers should research and consider their specific shooting requirements before making a decision.

Despite its limitations, the Aimpoint Acro P2 is a good option for many shooters. It combines durability with performance.

Aimpoint Acro P2 Problems

My Friends Feedback:

The Aimpoint Acro P2 has received mixed reviews. Some have had positive experiences, while others have experienced issues such as QC problems, fogging, and inadequate battery life.

Although the product is robust, some users have reported failures right out of the box or after just a few rounds.

The importance of individual shooting requirements and styles when considering a purchase is highlighted.

Despite its strong points, the Acro P2 is not without its flaws, leading to conflicting opinions among professionals and everyday shooters alike.

Common Questions Asked About Aimpoint Acro P2

What is the battery life of the Acro P2?

5 years of continuous use on setting 6/10 (daylight setting)

What comes with an Aimpoint Acro P2?

One Aimpoint Acro P-2 Red Dot Reflex Sight, one CR2032 battery (comes installed), one Aimpoint T10 tool, a user manual, and warranty information. (Lens covers not included.) We include an 8.5″ x 11″ pistol red dot zero target with every red dot.

What kind of battery powers the Aimpoint ACRO P-2?

A CR2032 battery, which powers the Aimpoint ACRO P-2 for up to 50,000 hours continuously, is used.

Is the Aimpoint ACRO P-2 water-resistant?

The Aimpoint ACRO P-2 is indeed waterproof up to 25 meters.

What is the Aimpoint ACRO P-2’s weight?

The Aimpoint ACRO P-2 only has a 2.1-ounce weight.

Is it possible to change the reticle’s brightness?

Yes, the intuitive controls on sight allow you to change the reticle’s brightness.

Is mounting the Aimpoint ACRO P-2 simple?

Yes, the Aimpoint ACRO P-2 can be effortlessly mounted with a typical mounting plate.

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  1. Hi,

    Any recommendation to mount this on a Canik TP9 Elite Combat? What type of plate should be used? Thanks.

    1. Keep an eye on Disruptive Defense. They should have a redesigned ACRO platemount soon.

      Also, for the TP9SF Elite, you can send it in to be milled to a store like C&H Precision.

      Remember, you’ll need a compatible mounting plate. Some options may include plates specifically designed for this setup, ensuring a secure fit and proper alignment. I’d also suggest reaching out to Aimpoint or Canik for official recommendations.

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