7 Kel-Tec P17 Problems & Solutions in Plain English

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No doubt, the Kel-Tec P17 stands out for its size and threaded end. It presents a promising option for lovers like us.

But if you’re facing Kel-Tec P17 problems related to magazines, jamming, etc., I can relate. These problems can be really frustrating and ruin your shooting experience.

These problems urged me to find practical solution, which I will share in this aritcle.

Read my insights and don’t forget to have fun shooting!

Issues & Fixes at a Glance

7 ProblemsWith Their Practical Solutions
Magazine ProblemReach out Kel-Tec.
Jamming IssueExperimentation and maintenance.
Slide-Stop InconsistencyThorough examination.
 Feeding FailureSeek assistance from gunsmith.
Rounds not Going into BatterySeek expert help.
 Trigger ProblemsRegular cleaning and lubrication
Failure To EjectEnsure the use of good-quality ammunition.
Kel-Tec P17 Problems

Kel-Tec P17 Problems with Their Practical Solutions

1. Magazine Problem:

The gun’s slide often encounters a hitch due to the manual interventions.

This hiccup disrupts the shooting experience. It also raises concerns about the pistol’s reliability.

It is true in high-stress situations where split-second actions make all the difference.

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Despite many troubleshooting attempts, many users have failed to solve this issue by themselves.

So I’d suggest you to reach out to Kel-Tec. The root cause often lies in the slide stop bar interfering with the feeding process.

Trust me, this will solve your problem.

2. Jamming Issue:

A jamming issue? Yes, it isn’t very pleasant. The slide often fails to cycle completely, resulting in frustrating stoppages.

Upon research, it seems that dirt buildup within the mechanism worsens the problem. The solution arises, particularly when using high-speed ammo. This leads to a cascade of issues.

Some attribute it to limp wrist syndrome. This is a design flaw that causes inconvenience.

It undermines the general performance of an otherwise promising firearm.


The solution arises, particularly when using high-speed ammo.

But, through experimentation and adjustments to my wrist angle during the operating cycle, I’ve found a workaround that reduces the occurrence of jams.

Also, ensuring proper maintenance of the slide and magazine is crucial.

3. Slide Stop Inconsistency:

Next, the Kel-Tec P17 has presented some feeding failures that stand out. Issues with the chamber and barrel’s locking lugs have been persistent. This impacts its reliability.

Adjusting the slide stop and contact points is a temporary solution.

It’s a shame to see such potential marred by these recurring problems.

This leaves fans craving a more dependable option.


Let’s seek a solution. Despite attempts to rectify engagement and wear problems through various fixes and adjustments, the presence of burrs and continued wear on the lubber hinder its functionality.

Addressing these challenges demands a particular approach. This necessitates thorough examination and the implementation of precise solutions. It is to ensure lasting reliability.

4. Feeding Failure:

This is a critical aspect of any reliable handgun. Both new and used P17 firearms have exhibited issues with round chambering.

This often requires manual intervention to clear jams and maintain functionality.


For a solution, seeking help from an experienced gunsmith remains a viable option.

Collaborating with fellow users has also proven beneficial in exploring potential solutions.

It’s crucial to navigate these hurdles with patience and persistence. This ensures a fulfilling experience with the P17s, as in FN 502 problems.

5. Rounds not Going into Battery:

Next, one recurring issue that users encounter is that rounds are not going to the battery.

Here, the slide often requires nudging to completely chamber a round.

This problem seems to persist, even with new guns. This raises concerns about the reliability of the firearm.

It’s a frustrating hiccup that detracts from an otherwise promising pistol.


As a solution, a lasting fix has proven unattainable after diligent cleaning. Seeking expert help or engaging with the manufacturer seems like the next logical step.

Yet, exploring alternative options like Deep Creep offers a more immediate solution. It proves to be a good solution.

6. Trigger Problems:

Now, let’s talk about the trigger issue. Despite its promising features, these kinds of defects are serious.

Dirt accumulation often leads to worn and loose parts. Personal attempts to troubleshoot or mitigate these problems have fallen short.

This leads to a sense of frustration among owners.

The community awaits a definitive solution from Kel-Tec to address these recurring concerns.


For a solution, some opt for investing in aftermarket triggers for a smoother feel.

I’ve found a simpler solution: Regular cleaning and lubrication.

Adhering to Kel-Tec’s recommended specifications can improve the trigger’s performance.

Replacing or adjusting any broken or out-of-spec parts using the appropriate tools ensures a consistent and satisfying trigger pull. This is without the need for more expenses.

7. Failure to Eject:

Failure to eject issues has been a persistent concern. It is especially true when using dirty ammo or certain magazines.

This affects the general shooting experience. It stems from weak magazine springs and dirty rounds

It’s disappointing to see such a promising pistol fall short in reliability due to these recurring issues.


As a solution, ensure the use of good-quality ammunition and maintain a clean firearm. The action cycles, significantly reduce ejection failures.

This approach saves both time and energy on the range. This allows for a smoother shooting experience with this lightweight pistol.

My Final Conclusion:

In conclusion, the gun’s promise is overshadowed by significant setbacks. While the high capacity of rounds is appealing, feeding issues plague their reliability.

The slide encounters bumps that disrupt the battery. This leads to frustrating problems during shooting sessions.

These issues are disheartening, especially considering the lackluster manufacturer support and warranty coverage.

Despite consulting with gunsmiths and experts, the firearm fails to meet expectations.

For any prospective buyer, careful consideration of these drawbacks is essential.

My Friends Feedback:

When discussing the Kel-Tec P17, it becomes clear that it’s a mixed bag of reliability and frustration.

The negativity surrounding its failure to cycle cannot be ignored. The magazines often contribute to the jamming issues.

As attempts to break in the firearm yield little improvement, patience wears thin. The slide lock mechanism adds to the list of concerns. This leaves enthusiasts pondering the theory behind its design flaws.

Reflecting on my friend’s encounter with the Kel-Tec P17, an unfortunate incident comes to mind. During the shooting, an unexpected explosion occurred near the slide rail. This resulted in damage to the frame and a disheartening breach of safety.

Despite meticulous maintenance and adherence to tight tolerances, the manufacturing trauma became clear.

He contacted the distributor for warranty help. The process of replacement ensued. This highlights the necessity for a thorough inspection before each use.

Common Questions Asked About Kel-Tec P17:

Does Kel-Tec P17 have a safety?

Below the slide cover at the rear of the grip, you’ll find an ambidextrous safety lever. In fire mode, indicated by LEVER DOWN and a visible red dot above the lever, the weapon is ready to fire. Moving the lever up to SAFE mode covers the red dot, ensuring the weapon is safely secured.

Why is Kel-Tec so hard to find?

KelTec is indeed a reputable manufacturer of firearms. While they produce some of my favorites, they don’t have the infrastructure to directly distribute firearms to gun shops or customers. Instead, like many other manufacturers, they sell their products to firearm distributors, who then handle distribution to retailers and customers.

How many rounds does a KelTec P17 hold?

If you’re looking for a compact 22LR pistol packed with features, the P17 is the perfect choice! With its 17-round capacity and an array of bells and whistles, it’s sure to impress like a Christmas Day parade.

Is a KelTec rifle considered a rifle?

The SUB-2000, crafted by Kel-Tec CNC Industries in Cocoa, Florida, USA, is a pistol-caliber carbine. Operating on a blowback system, this semi-automatic firearm houses its operating spring within the tubular stock.

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