Solve Your 4 Swampfox Kingslayer Problems in No Time

The Swampfox Kingslayer, a micro red dot sight, has certainly made waves in modern optics and captured the attention of the shooting community.

As someone with hands-on experience, I can attest to its unique characteristics.

With its compact size and lightweight design, mounting it with an industry-standard RMR footprint is a breeze, whether on a pistol slide or a Picatinny mount.

It measures 1″ w x 1″ h x 1.8″ l and weighs only 1 ounce. It offers a 22mm window and a 3 MOA dot that’s useful and easy to pick up.

However, I encountered various Swampfox Kingslayer problems while reviewing and field-testing this gear.

In the subsequent sections, we’ll explore these issues in detail and examine how they can be effectively managed. Swampfox, a new player in the market, has done well, but like any other product, there’s always room for improvement, especially when it comes to gear used in dynamic environments.

Problems & Solutions at a Glance

ProblemsTheir Quick Solutions
Battery Draining IssueCarry spares, use quality, and adjust brightness as needed.
Durability ConcernsHandle with care; contact Swampfox for replacements.
Hard Button ControlsAllow time for buttons to ease up; practice adjustment drills.
Tiny Screws for Windage and ElevationUse a specialized small screwdriver or adjustment tool.
Swampfox Kingslayer Problems

Swampfox Kingslayer Problems With Practical Solutions

1. Battery Draining Issue:

As a seasoned user of the Swampfox Kingslayer, I’ve encountered a recurring concern with its battery life. This sight is designed to be always on for quick readiness, but unfortunately, this leads to the battery draining much faster than hoped.

The Kingslayer uses a CR1632 battery, which is smaller than the typical CR2032, and I’ve found it running low sooner than expected, especially during extended use sessions.

The stated battery life is around 200 hours on the highest setting and up to 3000 hours on the lowest, but in practical use, particularly at higher brightness levels, the drain is quite noticeable.

This is not just a minor inconvenience but a significant issue for reliability in scenarios where you rely on your red dot for important tasks.


Addressing the battery draining issue in the Swampfox Kingslayer requires a few simple measures:

  • A simple step I’ve found crucial is always keeping a spare CR1632 battery.This practice can save you from a lot of trouble, especially during extended outdoor trips.
  • Additionally, turning off the sight when not in use significantly conserves the battery for extended periods. It’s an essential habit that has greatly enhanced my experience with the Kingslayer.
  • Another aspect I’ve learned is the importance of using high-quality batteries. They significantly affect how long the battery lasts, particularly under demanding conditions. This might seem like a small detail, but it’s an effective strategy for maximizing battery life.

Moreover, adjusting the brightness settings to match the environmental conditions also plays a significant role. Using lower settings whenever feasible has helped me extend the battery life substantially. These strategies have turned what initially seemed like a drawback into a manageable aspect of using the Kingslayer.

2. Durability Concerns:

One of the primary concerns with the Swampfox Kingslayer is its durability. Despite being marketed as rugged equipment for field use, it can be more fragile than expected.

The main issue is the housing’s susceptibility to crack under stress, especially in demanding range environments. This vulnerability to cracking was surprising and disappointing, considering the rugged use cases for which such a device is intended.

It’s not just an inconvenience to have a damaged sight; it’s a matter of reliability and trust in your equipment.

In my experience, while the Kingslayer is a robust piece of gear, it only sometimes withstands the rigors of intensive use with some care. The performance and accuracy of the sight are paramount, particularly at a crucial moment.

To ensure the Kingslayer remains dependable, it’s essential to handle it with an understanding of its limitations. Recognizing and respecting these boundaries can significantly improve the lifespan and effectiveness of the sight in various field conditions.


Tackling the Swampfox Kingslayer’s durability concerns involves adopting specific strategies. One critical aspect is handling the Kingslayer with extra care, which I have found essential.

Being mindful of the impacts and stresses during use and transport can significantly reduce the risk of damage. It’s about understanding the limits of your equipment and respecting those boundaries to ensure longevity and reliability.

In instances where damage does occur, contacting Swampfox for a replacement is straightforward. Their team has consistently responded and understood the issue, greatly easing the situation.

From my personal experience, Swampfox’s handling of these concerns demonstrates its commitment to customer satisfaction and the reliability of its products. Proper care and utilizing its responsive customer service can significantly mitigate the Kingslayer’s durability issues.

3. Hard Button Controls:

The Swampfox Kingslayer is a remarkable red dot sight, but it still needs quirks. One particular aspect that can be a bit of a niggle is the stiffness of its button controls. These buttons, used to adjust brightness and power on/off, are hard to press.

This becomes noticeable in situations where quick adjustments are necessary. The resistance can make it challenging to operate the sight efficiently, which can be frustrating during high-pressure moments or when wearing gloves.

This issue is more than just a matter of comfort; it impacts the usability of the red dot sight, particularly in the field or at the range. Quick and precise adjustments are crucial, and hard-to-press buttons can slow down your response, affecting the overall performance of the equipment.

Regular use tends to ease the stiffness somewhat over time, but it remains an area where the Kingslayer could improve to enhance user experience and efficiency.


The good news is that the problem of complex button controls on the Swampfox Kingslayer has improved over time and with usage.

Initially, the buttons might feel stiff and rigid when pressed, but they become more accessible when they break in. Consistent use is critical to making these buttons more responsive.

Personally, I have found that using the sight regularly and practicing quick adjustment drills help me become accustomed to the buttons’ initial stiffness.

This practice gradually alters the feel of the buttons, making the sight more efficient to use. It’s a matter of adapting to the Kingslayer’s unique characteristics.

Through regular engagement and familiarization, what once felt like a hindrance becomes a manageable aspect of the site’s operation, ensuring smoother and quicker adjustments during usage.

4. Tiny Screws for Windage and Elevation:

A notable challenge with the Swampfox Kingslayer is the tiny screws used for windage and elevation adjustments. These screws are indeed small and can be challenging to handle, especially in field conditions or when wearing gloves.

Their size makes the adjustment process cumbersome and raises concerns about potentially losing them during maintenance. The precision required for zeroing the sight demands an ease of adjustment that these tiny screws can sometimes hinder.

In various scenarios, especially those requiring quick, on-the-fly adjustments, the size of these screws can evolve from a minor inconvenience to a significant impediment, affecting both the efficiency and accuracy of the sight.

Over time, I’ve developed a certain finesse in handling these screws, but it’s an aspect that could be refined by Swampfox to enhance the overall user experience.

The Kingslayer’s precision and reliability are exceptional, yet the adjustment mechanism could benefit from a design that facilitates use in diverse shooting conditions.


To overcome the issue of managing the tiny screws for windage and elevation adjustments on the Swampfox Kingslayer, I’ve discovered some practical solutions.

A specialized small screwdriver or adjustment tool has been the most effective one. This makes the handling of the screws much more accessible. Finding the right tool for the job is crucial and has significantly improved the precise adjustment process.

Additionally, practicing with these tools in a controlled environment before heading into the field has made me more familiar with the feel and operation of these screws in a low-pressure setting.

This preparation has proven beneficial, particularly in demanding conditions, where quick and efficient adjustments are essential.

Thus, with the right tools and some practice, the challenge posed by the tiny screws can be effectively managed, ensuring seamless operation of the Kingslayer in various scenarios.

Alternatives to the Swampfox Kingslayer

1. Swampfox Justice:

A notable alternative to the Kingslayer is the Swampfox Justice, known for its rugged and reliable build. It boasts a larger window which greatly improves the field of view, making it a considerable upgrade.

One of its standout features is the shake-awake feature, ensuring the sight is always ready for action. This makes it ideal for dynamic shooting scenarios, where quick response and clear vision are paramount. The Justice’s enhanced view and responsiveness offer a solid choice for those seeking a dependable red dot sight.

2. Swampfox Liberty:

The Swampfox Liberty stands out with its compact and versatile design, making it an ideal alternative to the Kingslayer. It features a sleek design with flush-fitting brightness buttons and a top-loading battery mechanism, making it incredibly user-friendly.

The Liberty strikes a perfect balance between size and functionality, proving to be an excellent choice for shooters who prioritize a streamlined and efficient red dot sight. Its adaptability and ease of use make it a commendable option in compact optics.

3. Swampfox Sentinel:

In the realm of alternatives to the Kingslayer, the Swampfox Sentinel emerges as a strong contender, especially for those using concealed carry weapons. This ultra-compact and robust sight is designed with versatility, offering both manual and automatic brightness settings.

These features allow it to adapt seamlessly to various lighting conditions, ensuring precise targeting in diverse environments. The Sentinel’s adaptability and compactness make it a reliable option for those seeking a red dot sight that performs exceptionally well in both bright and low-light scenarios.

4. Vortex Venom:

An excellent alternative to the Swampfox Kingslayer is the Vortex Venom. This red dot sight is renowned for its high-quality, multi-coated lenses that provide a crisp and clear sight picture, making it a favorite among both novice and experienced shooters.

Its easy-to-use power and dot intensity controls allow for rapid adjustments, adapting swiftly to various shooting scenarios. The Venom’s user-friendly interface and superior optical quality make it a suitable choice for those who value precision and ease of use in their shooting equipment.

My Final Conclusion:

After extensively using the Swampfox Kingslayer, I’ve come to a nuanced understanding of its strengths and weaknesses. While there are certainly problems, I would classify them as manageable.

The issues encountered, such as battery life, durability, stiff button controls, and tiny adjustment screws, can indeed be managed effectively with intelligent strategies and practices.

What stands out is that, despite these challenges, the Kingslayer remains a reliable red dot sight suitable for a variety of shooting conditions.

The Kingslayer has demonstrated solid performance, even when facing the above hurdles. These issues are entirely independent of its effectiveness once addressed through careful handling and regular maintenance.

In fact, with some minor adjustments in how I use and maintain the sight, these problems become less of a hindrance.

In conclusion, the Swampfox Kingslayer is a worthwhile investment for shooters seeking a high-quality sight without breaking the bank.

Its combination of performance, reliability, and affordability makes it a compelling option, especially for those willing to invest some time in understanding and adapting to its quirks.

Swampfox Kingslayer Problems

My Friends Feedback:

As a special operations officer who frequently interacts with expensive equipment, including optics like the Kingslayer, I’ve gathered considerable user feedback over time.

Many users, including those who purchased the Kingslayer on platforms like eBay, have praised its solid build and the crystal clear glass with a concise dot that enhances targeting precision.

However, a common concern has been about the batteries being drained even in the off position, a problem faced across different firearms like pistols, ARs, and MP5s.

Feedback suggests that Swampfox is responsive to these issues. Users who contacted the company via email regarding the battery drainage or any malfunctions found the warranty process straightforward. They often received a replacement along with a mailing slip for the return.

This positive experience with the company’s service and support team, including staff like Robert and Chris, has been a significant factor in maintaining trust in the brand.

Several users pointed out a specific issue—a glitch in the circuit board—which Swampfox promptly addressed. They acknowledged the problem and developed a redesigned model to rectify it.

The company’s willingness to send a postage-paid slip for returns and replacements demonstrates its commitment to providing reliable optics and maintaining strong communication with its customers.

In conclusion, while the Kingslayer has its share of challenges, the overall feedback underscores its place as a reliable optic in the market.

Its performance, ability to hold zero extensively, and the company’s readiness to address any claims with transparency and efficiency all come together to make it a worthy contender among red dots, offering good value for its price.

Common Questions Asked About Swampfox Kingslayer Problems

Is Swampfox Kingslayer good?

Regarding durability, I have it on my 870, and it survived 12 gauge slugs, buckshot, and about an additional 100 rounds of target loads in my first-range trip. I have no reason to suspect it will fail, but even if it does, I hear Swampfox has an excellent warranty.

What is the warranty on Swampfox Kingslayer?

All Swampfox optics come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, providing protection against manufacturing and material defects.

What is the difference between Swampfox Kingslayer and Liberty?

Liberty is narrower near the base than Kingslayer, with flush fitting brightness buttons on the left and a top-loading CR1632 battery replacing the Kingslayer’s side tray system. Liberty’s emitter section also has a lower profile, allowing iron sights. 365″ or higher to co-witness.

Is Swampfox a good red dot?

Yes, Swampfox red dot sights, including the Liberty & Justice models, offer compact, well-built options with precise reticles and customizable brightness settings, enhancing the shooting experience.

Is Swampfox Kingslayer Shake Awake?

No, the Kingslayer does not feature the shake awake function, and while the adjustment screws are a bit hard to reach, it remains a solid option for budget-conscious builds.

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