5 Ways to Fix Holosun 510C Problems Quickly and Easily

It’s a popular red dot sight known for its excellent condition when it arrives and stellar performance.

But let’s address the elephant in the room: Even the best products can have quirks.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed and frustraed with you Holosun 510C Problems while shooting, you’re not alone. 

Many shooters have encountered issues with the Holosun 510C.

This Holosun 510C review will start with an overview of this device. Most problems you might face are related to its power system or the reticle. 

But before you worry, let me assure you that a solution usually exists for every problem. So, whether you’re purchasing the Holosun 510c for the first time or dealing with an issue, I’ve got you covered. 

We’ll solve these issues together, ensuring you feel at ease and perform well during your shooting sessions. 

Let’s dive into the problems you should be aware of and the solutions provided to deal with them effectively.

5 ProblemsTheir Quick Solutions
Blinking ReticleReplace CR-2032 battery or claim warranty for replacement.
Illumination AdjustmentBuy from trusted sources; repair or replace sight.
Shake-Awake FeatureExercise caution with sight, opt for seller or Holosun.
Night Vision IssuesReplace or repair sight; buy from reputable vendors.
Power On/OffInspect battery; replace if faulty or ensure authenticity.
Holosun 510C Problems

Holosun 510C Problems With Practical Solutions

1. Blinking Reticle:

Many shooters have reported a common issue with the Holosun 510c, the blinking reticle. It’s not just a flaw but more of a battery-related alert, essentially set up as a low-battery signal.

This blink is an alarm indicating that the battery is not working correctly and the reticle can’t function as intended. Users’ dissatisfaction is palpable, especially when there’s no convincing defense for this problem.


If your Holosun 510c reticle blinks, it’s not necessarily a flaw in the sight. More often than not, it’s a sign of a low battery.

The good news is that this problem can be fixed quite easily. The Holosun 510c uses a CR-2032 battery cell, which is inexpensive and widely available. So, when you encounter this blinking issue, the first step is to replace the battery.

In most cases, simply changing the battery has resolved my issue. It’s a straightforward solution that doesn’t require purchasing a new item or using a warranty card.

In the rare event that a new battery doesn’t work and you suspect an actual flaw, it’s time to consider getting the sight replaced. Thankfully, Holosun’s warranty card offers this option.

The key is to address these issues quickly to ensure your Holosun 510c continues to perform at its best.

2. Illumination Adjustment Buttons:

Several shooters have reported an issue with the Holosun 510c’s illumination adjustment buttons. They function but not as intended.

While the buttons aren’t jammed and seem moving, the illumination has no aftereffects. It remains constant, rendering both night vision and light modes ineffective. This is a significant drawback when you need to shoot with a red dot sight, especially in varying light conditions.

From my personal experience, these issues are frequently found in substandard products. Surprisingly, many problematic sights originated from fake websites masquerading as legitimate vendors.

As a shooter, you must ensure that your Holosun 510c is purchased from a reputable source to avoid such malfunctions. While Holosun generally offers reliable and high-quality products, being vigilant about the source of purchase can save you from these frustrating issues.


When facing a problem with the illumination control buttons on your Holosun 510c, the solution might be simpler than you think.

If these buttons are defective, the first step is to request a replacement from the company. Holosun’s warranty offer clearly states that they will replace a faulty product.

So, if your optic isn’t functioning as it should, don’t hesitate to return the product to the company for a thorough check. In many cases, the issue can be repaired directly by the manufacturer.

However, if the manufacturer doesn’t accept the replacement request, consider purchasing a new product.

While this might seem an additional expense, ensuring your weapon is equipped with a fully functional sight is crucial for optimal performance. You can buy directly from the manufacturer’s website or a trusted seller.

His way, you’re guaranteed a reliable product, free from the issues of subpar or counterfeit items.

3. Shake-awake Feature:

A common concern among shooters is that the shake-awake feature needs to be fixed in the Holosun 510c. Adding this feature to the red dot sight automatically powers the sight on and off in response to movement.

However, some have complained that the sight does not detect movement as it should. Instead of automatically activating, it remains inert, causing frustration, especially when a quick response is critical.

Users have said that while the sight turns off without movement, it doesn’t always power on upon detecting movement. This inconsistency implies that the feature has yet to stop working, but it’s not operating as efficiently as it should.

Such an issue undermines the effectiveness of a reliable and innovative sight enhancement.


Handling the sight carefully is crucial to ensuring the shake-awake feature of your Holosun 510c works properly for a long time.

If you encounter any issues, the first step is to get the product repaired. You can approach the product’s seller or, for a more direct solution, send it directly to the Holosun company.

They are equipped to diagnose and fix such issues, ensuring that all features of your sight function optimally.

4. Night Vision:

The Holosun 510c has two illumination settings for night vision, designed to simplify night shooting.

However, some users have encountered a problem with these settings. Specifically, the adjustment buttons for night vision can be broken or malfunction due to a manufacturing time error.

This issue makes aiming at a target at night difficult, as the necessary adjustments cannot be made. Interestingly, this was not an issue I ran into with my first Holosun 501c, but others have mentioned it earlier.

The issue seems more connected to fake Holosun 510C models than authentic ones. My experience with genuine Holosun products has been largely positive, indicating that purchasing from verified sources is crucial.

These buttons are vital for low-light environments, and ensuring they function correctly is essential for any night-time shooter.


Users have a couple of options to solve the problem with the night vision feature of their Holosun 510c.

The first is to switch the product with a newly bought unit. If the night vision issue persists, sending the sight back to the vendor for repair is a good idea.

These are the most straightforward ways to address any malfunction in the Holosun 510c’s night vision capabilities, ensuring optimal performance during low-light conditions.

5. Power on/off:

Shooters have reported difficulties turning the Holosun 510c sight on and off, a problem often linked to battery-related issues.

The cause can range from incorrect battery installation in the compartment to the battery itself.

Many have encountered these issues shortly after unboxing, raising the possibility of a fake product. I’ve experienced a situation where the sight did not turn on.

Despite trying everything to power the sight, nothing happened. It’s crucial to ensure correct battery handling and to be vigilant about the product’s authenticity.


The solution often lies in adjusting the battery within its compartment for a red dot sight that does not function properly when turning on. This simple fix can enable the sight to turn on with no problem.

However, if the issue persists and the sight still does not work, the next step is to purchase and use another battery.

Often, this resolves most power-related issues, ensuring the functionality of your Holosun 510c.

Alternative Of Holosun 510C

While it’s a wise decision to purchase the Holosun 510c, given its fantastic features and flawless performance, there are times when exploring replacements is necessary.

If getting a Holosun 510c is not feasible or you’re simply curious about alternatives, there are several other options on the market.

Based on my extensive experience using various red dot sights, I’m saying this. It’s always good to have options, especially for features that best suit your needs.

  1. Sig Romeo 5
  2. Vortex Optics Viper Red Dot Sight
  3. Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 
  4. Vortex Optics Crossfire Red Dot Sight
  5. Sig Sauer SOR01300 Romeo Zero Reflex Red Dot Sight

My Final Conclusion:

The Holosun 510C is a valuable purchase for any shooter looking for a reliable red dot sight.

Its two features elevate it above the competition: the multiple reticle system, which allows you to aim precisely and quickly, and its dual power systems. These systems significantly benefit, especially if one fails to provide service.

However, it is essential to ensure you get an original product from a trustworthy source. Poor purchases from unreliable vendors or mishandling the sights can lead to problems some shooters encounter.

Holosun products, including the 510C, are durable and offer a variety of features often absent in single red dot sights. To summarize this review, when you try to choose the best item for your weapon, consider the Holosun 510C.

Understanding that most issues can be resolved straightforwardly is essential, ensuring that the sight performs optimally.

In conclusion, while the Holosun 510C may have quirks, its benefits, and robust features make it a strong contender in the market.

Always ensure you are making an informed decision, focusing on quality and authenticity, to enjoy the full range of benefits this sight offers.

Holosun 510C Problems

My Friends Feedback:

Recently, I purchased a new HS510C and shared my experience with friends who are also into shooting. They, too, had bought the brand-new 510C and had similar experiences.

One friend mentioned symptoms like the reticle not turning on, blinking, and odd behavior. After some research and consulting the manual, we realized these issues were a response to a low battery.

Surprisingly, this problem persisted even after we swapped the factory battery with a new one from our stash.

Another friend pointed out that the Holosun 510c has a supercapacitor that allows the sight to function in the dark for several hours without a battery.

However, if the sight has been stored for an extended period and the supercapacitor becomes discharged, this can cause issues.

One solution we found online was to charge the supercapacitor by placing the sight in sunlight or under bright artificial light for a couple of hours. This temporarily addressed the issue.

But the problem went away only for a minute after bringing the sight inside, and then it was back to blinking. This led to a discussion about the warranty and whether it was worth it just after purchasing the product.

The general consensus was that the internet was quiet on Holosun support, with only a few unrelated threads on ARFCOM providing some insight.

My friend’s experience with the problem was similar to mine. We tried multiple brand-new batteries, spent days in direct sunlight at the range, and even attempted flipping the batteries upside down (though they wouldn’t fit back in with the negative side up).

We were forced to use solar mode because the light wouldn’t stop blinking in manual mode, which was quite frustrating.

One friend tried a good battery, but a cheap one from Harbor Freight still caused the 510 to blink immediately. This led to the realization that purchasing a better-quality battery can sometimes fix the problem.

Another friend posted about someone who turned out to have the battery installed wrong and had been using it strictly on solar for 3 weeks without knowing.

In conclusion, if you’re having trouble with your Holosun 510c, don’t hesitate to contact the vendor for a replacement. Also, check if your battery is dead or installed incorrectly.

The unit blinks when there is not enough light to power it thoroughly and no battery power. The blinking tells you it is running out of juice from the capacitor.

Common Questions Asked About Holosun 510C

What are the cons of Holosun?

Limited Compatibility: The Holosun 407 may not be compatible with all firearm models. This means that some shooters may not be able to use this sight with their preferred firearm. Limited Field of View: The 407 may have a limited field of view due to its smaller size and compact design.

How long-lasting is Holosun 510C?

Yes, holosun 510c is long-lasting.

Do Holosun optics have a lifetime warranty?

To the original owner, your Holosun product is warranted free of defects in materials and workmanship with the Holosun Limited Lifetime Warranty. This warranty specifically applies to the metal structure of the product and does not apply to the optical and illumination systems.

Why does my Holosun seem blurry?

Eyes can sometimes be the cause of perceptional blurring.

Do any armed forces employ Holosun?

Vortex or Holosun, which is preferable?

Holosun is preferred due to its high level of durability.

Is the Holosun 510c suitable for astigmatism?

Yes, the Holosun 510c is suitable for shooters who have astigmatism.

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